The Fundamental Neutrality of Life

I’ve always been a proponent of the fact that we control our own realities. There are so many ways of conveying this idea, but I recently came upon possibly my favorite. Long story short: life bears fundamental neutrality and we view situations in a “good” or “bad” light.

The Little Things

With perspective shifts such as this we often jump to the idea of large tragedies. Obviously this mentality isn’t insisting that death or other catastrophes don’t warrant sadness. Instead, the reality change gives less power to the smaller occurrences that we allow to ruin our days, weeks, or even months.

I once was the type of person that let a single scuffle or inconvenience alter my entire day. If I woke up late or got in an argument in the morning, my whole day was shot. This is absurd and I’m so happy I no longer live this way.

Achieving this, however, takes a bit of practice and subtle reminders throughout the day.

Fundamental Neutrality

In Practice

You’re already a bit late, walking out the door and all of a sudden your coffee spills all over the floor, and you.  Hot brown liquid now covers the outfit you put on to make your day a little brighter. Obviously you need to change, but after that you have two choices: allow this to bleed into the rest of your day or accept that accidents happen and have an awesome day regardless.

Why do little slip-ups like this cause our entire disposition to derail? If you think about it, spilling your coffee is only bad because we think it’s bad. Having a coffee in the first place we view as good because we collectively agreed the caffeinated-rush is desirable.

This is such a simple example but applies to any situation.

From the largest to smallest happenings, we wholly bear the responsibility of deciding whether they’re positive or negative. Life happens around us and we have the power to shape the way we see it. So why not look at things positively, or at least with neutrality?

It’s a bit intimidating, and frankly irritating, to realize this power lies within you. It’s much easier to believe that we can’t control what happens to us, but in reality we shape it entirely.

This mindset may appear as an excuse to see life as pointless if everything technically bears no meaning. But, don’t be mistaken, accepting this truth allows life to become more meaningful than ever before.

Empower Not Discredit 

If life is fundamentally neutral, then wouldn’t that take power away from the positive moments too? No!

Realizing that everything that happens around us naturally holds no meaning, and that we assign it meaning, presents you with a blank canvas. This canvas gifts you with the opportunity of painting what you wish to see. Therefore, your life can become more positive than ever before.

Training your mind in this way fully utilizes the capacity of the human spirit and genius. Unlike other beings, we can deeply analyze the happenings around us. We can create our reality. Things happen for us to shape into what we want them to be, not to us as praise or punishment.

The next time that little inconvenience or comment brings you down, try thinking of it without any meaning. Then decide the most positive way you can assign meaning to this occurrence.

Cover image via Medium