The Importance of Daily Rituals and Ceremonies for Self Love

daily rituals and ceremonies for self love

For me it’s a cup of coffee in the morning and an hour of exercise each day. No matter what your daily indulgence is, you can turn it into a ceremony of gratitude and appreciation. Daily rituals and ceremonies for self love are a vital element of self care.

Finding Your Daily Ritual

Ritual and ceremony are pretty lofty terms in regard to small actions like making a cup of coffee. However what makes something a ceremony has little to do with the action and much more to do with how you navigate it.

Go through your day and identify those small moments that bring you even the tiniest bit of joy. The occurrences that you look forward to. For most people there’s something in their day that they look forward to. It could be listening to music on your drive to work or your lunch break everyday.

If you currently don’t have anything like that, then make one for yourself! Here are some daily ceremonies you can use for inspiration:

  • Taking 15 extra minutes every morning to make yourself a delicious breakfast
  • Doing a face-mask
  • Putting on makeup or doing your hair because you want to
  • Sitting, present with a cup of coffee or a drink you enjoy
  • Reading before bed
  • Walking outside after dinner or sometime during the day
  • Moving your body in a way that feels good to you for 30 minutes each day
  • Putting on lotion or essential oils
  • Journaling

As you can see, really anything can become a ritual in your daily life. It’s about slowing down and recognizing the small moments of happiness.

Sit and appreciate the warmth of your coffee or really take in every second of silence on a morning walk.

Reset, Recharge, and Get Going

It may seem that these activities could take away from moments of your day that could be more productive, but that’s quite the opposite of what really happens. Yes, you technically have less time in your day to get other things done, but the time you do work will be increasingly more productive.

When you allow yourself to take breaks, and pause life for a moment, it frees you from any guilt associated with not using every waking moment to work. This ritual becomes a part of your daily routine just as everything else.

The rest of the world becomes a bit brighter as well. As you take a moment to recognize one positive thing in the day, you see all of the other wonderful occurrences that before might’ve gone unnoticed.

The Ones Who “Don’t Have Time”

For a long time I truly maintained I didn’t have time for meditation, journaling, exercise or insert whatever self-care practice here. But found myself watching hours of TV or scrolling through social media.

It’s often the individuals who think that they don’t have time for these rituals that need to do more of them. There’s a zen proverb that more or less states, “If you don’t have time for one hour of meditation you should do two.”

When your relationship with yourself is healthy on all levels self-care and presence practices are non-negotiable. They don’t seem a waste of time because you know that they contribute to long term health and success, and that you are worth it.

While ceremonial habits may seem like a bit of an undertaking, they aren’t. All you need is five minutes. It’s incredible the widespread impact a few moments for yourself can have.

I urge you to give it a go and establish a couple moments in your day to be fully present.


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