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The Secret Of Becoming Strong Through Life’s Toughest Times: Mindfulness

Resiliency takes practice. Speak your truth.

I think the main issue we all have when we face life’s challenges is that it detours our focus. We can lose sight of what we really want and are after when obstacles present itself…Thinking in the fear mentality that “this is bigger than me and I’m unable to solve or get past it.”

The other day I was sitting at my desk at work and as usual, reading my daily quotes. I post a different quote on my desk every day and I have them in multiple places. It’s part of my morning routine and an important reminder for me throughout the day. Little did I know the lesson I would soon learn.

A new person had moved in the cubicle next to me. I noticed the day after she had set up her desk, my new neighbor also had positive affirmations posted, and brought life into her new month by writing positive mantras on her calendar. This was awesome!

It was in that moment that I realized we really are all the same inside. Different, yet wired, connected and moved by the same desires for a better life. What gets us through our days when times get rough? Our positive thoughts, what we say to ourselves about our situation, and what we can do to alleviate or better our current circumstances.

Truth be told…the self-talk is either lifting you up or making you feel worse.

Have you ever noticed the more you thought about something that bothered you, the more worked up you got? Is this beneficial to our situation and overall well-being? Of course not! So why do we do it? Why do we get caught up in this thinking pattern that only hurts us and doesn’t help us solve the issue to begin with? I wish I knew the exact answer for that, but I don’t. My best guess is that it’s habit. And the only way to begin changing this thinking pattern is to become more mindful.

So what can we do to prepare ourselves when life throws us a curve ball? How do we stay strong during tough times? Here’s a few suggestions I’ve found that can help us become mentally strong when we need it most.

Take responsibility for the things you can control, accept what you can’t control

Mentally strong people take responsibility for their lives but obviously not every single little thing. They understand that there are outside factors like the weather and other people that they can’t control and they accept it for what it is.

Be willing to ask for help when you need it

I think most people think that asking for help is a sign of weakness but on the contrary knowing when you need help and asking for it is an important trait mentally strong people have.

Take things one step at a time

Tough times can be overwhelming but the best way to get through it is to take it step by step. What can be the hardest part is seeing the whole picture all at once and trying to figure out how to solve the issue. Keep your eye on the prize and break it down into smaller, achievable steps so that it’s not overwhelmed.



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