Throw Out the Life Timeline and Just Be You

throw out the life timeline

Graduate college by 22. Land your dream career somewhere in your mid-twenties. Married before 30 and starting a family shortly after. This timeline has been implicitly drilled in our heads to the point that we feel inadequate when we don’t measure up. It’s time to throw out the life timeline.

There’s nothing wrong with following this timeline. If you’re life matches with this, I’m happy for you! To those whose life doesn’t match with this, don’t feel like you’re behind schedule.

This ‘life timeline’ is purely based on outdated societal constructs. It has no regard for when you decide to start college after finally landing on a major that you truly have a passion for. It has no regard for whether or not you actually want kids. It’s just a set of goals society thinks we should achieve based on previous generations.

I can imagine that this timeline was supposed to motivate those to achieve goals. That’s all fine and well. But when it makes larges percentages of society feel as if they aren’t good enough, we have to reconsider it.

There is no right way to live life. We all want different things. The only thing that truly matters is that the life you live is filled with happiness. You’re not living your life for you if you choose to follow a preconceived timeline because you believe you have to.

No one truly has it all together. No matter how much they insist that they do. We’re all wandering around, trying to get by, and find a job, a relationship, a life we’re truly passionate about.

Let’s throw this life timeline out the window. We can replace it with pure support.

Support your friends and strangers who are going against the grain. Support those who are going with the grain. Just support pure happiness.

Our twenties are all about figuring out who we are and what we want. That means a lot of trial and error. This isn’t a time to be afraid of failure. Frankly, there’s no time to be afraid of it. The only way you could truly fail at life is if you didn’t try.

There may be comfort in this ill-prepared timeline. Especially for those who are unsure exactly what they want or how to go about achieving it. No satisfaction lies in following a timeline that pays no mind to individuality.

Do you. Do you to the fullest extent so that when you look back on these times right now, you’ll have no regrets. Don’t feel pressured. Live for you, not society.