Trust The Signs Of The Universe

trust the signs

Stagnant. Waiting. Restless. We’ve all circled listlessly through this wheel at one point in our lives instead of moving on. It’s time to trust the signs.

Change is scary. No matter how much I may advocate for it in the articles I write for Metiza, I have a hard time embracing what I preach. Because let’s face it, if things change it means that for a time we won’t be comfortable. 

Whether I’m considering getting a “grown up job” or starting yet another passion project/side hustle, I’m always a little hesitant about making the first step despite knowing in my gut I’m ready.

Change should be good though. Without it, you’ll be stuck in a rut that is not beneficial. Your comfort zone will only get you so far.

Instead of focusing on something not working out for the best, take it as a learning opportunity. You tried it. It didn’t work how you hoped. Take it as a sign from mother universe that whatever it was you were trying or working on went as far as it was supposed to.

It’s time to use your talents in a new way, building on them. Trust in yourself. I’m sure this sounds cliche but sometimes that is what we need. Just a little pick me up.

Maybe you feel stuck at a dead end job, afraid of changing jobs because you’re unsure whether or not you’re qualified for it. Or your lease is almost up around the same time you’ve been considering moving to a new town. You could’ve even gotten fired from your most recent job. All of these situations suck. But all of them are signs that it’s time for something better.

Trust the signs. They aren’t leading you astray. What will lead you off the path is ignoring them and continuing on the path you’re on right now. You’re not supposed to be there anymore.

Consider this just another sign amidst all the other ones that have been thrown your way. It’s time to take that leap.

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