Use Vision Boards to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

vision boards

Each year we craft a long list of New Year’s resolutions in hopes of becoming a new and improved version of ourselves.

Whether these include working out to attain our dream bods, receiving better grades, or becoming more well-rounded people, such goals can often seem out-of-reach.

Roadblocks stop us from achieving what we set out to do, according to Shape Magazine.

These may include having unrealistic expectations, poor time management, no set-in-stone plans or simply not believing in ourselves enough.

While many of us say “This is the year I will stick to my resolutions. This is the year of me,” it’s easier to fall back into the trap of old habits than we think.

As someone who has struggled to keep New Year’s promises to myself before, I have yet to find the key to seeing all my resolutions through; however, I may have found just the thing to keep us inspired throughout the year when we start feeling the dreaded lag…vision boards.

Vision boards serve as visual representations of who we want to be, where we want to go and what we want to do. They allow us to clarify, maintain and concentrate on our aspirations at hand.

Jessica Alma of Acorns and Lemonade says these boards “give you a very clear focus on the life you want to lead plus they physically and subconsciously help you achieve goals.”

Vision boards can be broad or very specific. For example, they can revolve around relationships, mental health, travel, career, fitness/wellness, or all the above.

I like to think of vision boards as Pinterest feeds brought to life.

Although they can be digitally put together, I prefer to make them by hand as it gives me something to have and hold as a reminder of my resolutions.

You will need a few basic materials to get started on your masterpiece…

• Medium/large piece of corkboard or cardstock
• Magazines, photos, stickers, paint samples, inspirational quotes, etc.
• Scissors
• Push pins or glue sticks

vision boards

It’s important to be in a relaxed state while putting your project together as it helps you organize your thoughts and find intentional material. Listening to music and pouring myself a cup of tea usually does the trick.

Cut out any photos, graphics, and phrases that catch your eye while sifting through your magazines, even if you are not sure you will use them. Having more than you need allows you to play around when laying out the board.

Phrases I cut out from magazines included “harmony,” “modern minimal,” and “girls, uninterrupted.” I chose words that sparked my excitement and put my thoughts into perspective.

vision boards

Separate your material into categories by their topics or characteristics after you have collected them all. Then you can begin laying down and moving your pieces around.

Now comes the fun part – sticking and tacking your findings on the board.

There are no rules when it comes to your board’s spread. Whether you want your material overlapping, placed at diagonals or in perfect alignment, let your thoughts splash across the project.

vision boards

When you feel it is complete, take time to look it over and have your ideas and goals sink in. Find a space where it can serve as a constant reminder to you, such as on a wall or desk.

The important thing to remember is that the elements on your board do not need to make sense to anyone but yourself. Visualize your thoughts and find meaning within the simplest of images.

A picture is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

Take those jumbled hopes and dreams and turn them into the beautiful masterpieces they really are.

With the help of a vision board, you may just say, “This is the year I will stick to my resolutions. This is the year of me,” and really mean it.