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These Websites Can Help Your Day-To-Day Anxiety

For all of those pre-finals, crazy social life, what-the-heck-am-I-doing jitters.

Whether you are clinically diagnosed with anxiety or have a huge test coming up, we all deal with a certain amount of anxiety in our day-to-day lives. While the severity may range from person to person, it is still incredibly important to have healthy coping mechanisms when it comes to anxiety.

For many, medication is the most helpful. For others who’s anxiety either may not be as severe or maybe need a supplement to their already prescribed medication there are options. Journaling, exercising, and being mindful are all great places to start but (especially as a college student) those tend to require some, if not a lot, of brain power.

When I get big bouts of anxiety I would rather turn my brain off and focus on literally anything else.

And that’s when I open my laptop. No, not to Facebook or Twitter, which can actually cause more feelings of anxiety, but to a few catered sites that are specifically for people feeling anxious. Since finals season is approaching I thought I would share some of my favorites with you all!

My absolute all time favorite is an online sand-scape.

The website is called ThisIsSand and all you need to get started is Adobe Flash Player. I do this occasionally in class if I begin to feel overwhelmed or just at home. The great thing about this site is that it takes hardly any brain power at all to get your mind off of your anxiety.

websites for anxiety

As you drag your curser across the screen, colored sand begins to fall. You can choose the color or have the website choose a color scheme for you. As it falls you choose if you want to create mountains or valleys and how to layer the colors on top of each other. I have found it incredibly soothing and recommend it any time.

This is great for in class, like I said, because it requires little-to-no brain power and you can still focus on the lecture in class while being soothed by the soft sand sounds and the colored designs your create.

Do you love symmetry? Silk drawing is for you.

Silk-Interactive Generative Art allows you to draw with perfect symmetry. By dragging your curser across you screen you can make beautiful symmetric designs ranging from 2 to 6 fold rotational symmetry. There are a variety of colors you can use and multiple can be used in the same drawing.

I love this website because can be done extremely easily, and takes almost zero brain power. But the colorful designs and symmetry isn’t the best part about this website. After making your piece of art, you can actually watch the way you created the silk art over again. This is incredibly calming and helpful while dealing with anxiety.

websites for anxiety

The silk pattern is so soft and easy moving that watching it be created again in front of you creates an overt sense of calm in ones self.

If you want more of a listening experience rather than an interactive one, Calm might be right for you.

Calm is a guided mediation program for beginners. It features 26 soothing nature sounds and scenes to support any mood. (My personal favorite is the rain!) But there are so many more features than just nature sounds.

In fact, there are an incredible number of different guided meditations that can help bring peace to an otherwise anxious person. Its user-friendly interface encourages you to meditate daily and uses your name to make it feel a little more personal. Guided meditations range in time, so you can meditate wherever you are.

websites for anxiety

The website also has features like a “breathing bubble” which can help slow your breathing in just 30 seconds, and sleep stories. Sleep stories are like bedtime stories for adults to help “relax the body, settle the mind and drift into dreamland.”

The iPhone app was voted “App of the Year” in 2017.

This website/app is amazing and there are many meditations that are free. If you get really into it, there are month-to-month, yearly and one time only paid options for the website. If your college is on this list, you may get access to all of them for free!

These are the websites I visit the most often while I’m feeling anxious, but I would definitely encourage anyone dealing with an over average amount of anxiety to go talk to a licensed professional. While finals and your social life may be important, so is your mental health!

Take some time for you today.


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