What is Beauty. A Photo-Essay In Dance And Friendship.

Dance, Beauty

I have been asked this question numerous times, in different art classes, or by friends or mentors. Each person asking the question has their own answer in mind already, for the definition of beauty is unique to each of us. It is everywhere—in a city lit up in the night, a preserved natural landscape; in ancient ruins, paint on a canvas, the people we love most. There are landscapes and cities and nature that represent the beauty that can be found all around us, and there are people in their many different states, doing many different things, who represent the beauty that we all carry within ourselves.

As an artist, it is in my nature to find beauty in everything I see.

It is that nature that pushes me to document it; to record it so that others may experience it as well. Of course, my perspective is not the only one, but seeing beauty through my eyes can open up another window for others to see it as well, and maybe in ways they did not know before. I see that as my obligation as an artist: to share beauty with as many people as I can, in the best way that I can, so that their minds can be open to the possibilities and the abundance of beauty that exists in the world around them.Beauty, Portrait, Alex

Below you’ll find a photo essay of my friend Alex, who is a beautiful dancer and wonderfully talented human being. Her grace, strength and passion are all inspirational examples of beauty.

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