Stop the Mental Health Stigma: Why I’m Considering Therapy

Why I'm considering Therapy

I’m very happy that we’re living in a world that is beginning to say that taking care of your mental health is important. Yet, there still seems to be this hush-hush mentality around discussing therapy. This quiet stance about going to therapy does everyone a disservice by maintaining its taboo status. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

I used to think that therapy was only for someone with “real issues,” severe trauma, depression, anxiety. For those managing with a mental health condition. Not for someone like me who is lucky enough not to have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, but at times feels extremely overwhelmed, holds in feelings, and who could benefit by having a third party to talk to sometimes.

I’ve been considering therapy off and on for a few months. Recently it’s been something I think about multiple times a day. With the possibility of very big life changes on the horizon, I’ve felt overwhelmed and a bit out of control of my situation.

Thanks to an amazing podcast I’ve been listening to, I was re-introduced to TalkSpace. TalkSpace is an app that connects you to a licensed therapist and charges you a fraction of the cost of traditional therapist. The best part? You can text, video call or talk over the phone.

Like many others around the world, I work full time and have a few side hustles that make it difficult to be available for standard office hours. I’d also rather text someone my issues than sit with them face to face divulging the same issues.

I haven’t made the commitment yet and purchased a subscription. However, it is something I plan on committing to soon. By just taking these small steps to put my mental health first, I feel a little better already.

It’s so easy to feel as if what you are going through is not serious enough to seek help. Everyone will experience varying degrees of challenges throughout their lives. All of these are worth seeking help if it will benefit you in the long run.

There shouldn’t be a stigma in seeking therapy, or taking care of your mental health at all. I don’t expect all of us to divulge the reasons we sought help. But by just saying whether or not therapy helped you, or saying that you went, helps break down the wall.

The more people that say they have gone, or do currently go to therapy, the more other people around us will feel safe to consider that option for themselves.

Your mental health is important and what you are experiencing is valid.

I’ve downplayed my feelings for way too long and I don’t want anyone else to do the same. You will not be less of a person for seeking help. Go Be You.