Why is Following Your Dreams So Scary?

following your dreams

Why is following your dreams so scary? Is it the possibility that we may fail or that we may succeed? Truly pursuing your passion, harbors greater unsettlement than nearly anything else.

Finding Fulfillment

We get so comfortable in states of waiting and complacency that when we finally get up to act, it’s frightening. I believe this fear roots itself in a couple different ideas.

The first being our constant state of, “what’s next?” If we wholeheartedly pursue and accomplish our dreams, then what’s in store for us afterwards?

We’re so used to being and surrounding ourselves with unfulfilled individuals that we don’t know what the post-dream-accomplishment life looks like. But that’s just it.

Fulfillment and accomplishment aren’t destinations, they’re states of being. The successful person is the one who is always in the mindset of fulfillment.

Existence is accomplishment. When you can realize that and come to terms with the reality that you are abundant as you exist here and now, that’s when you’ll be successful. Everything else you do just augments this foundation. Each new step isn’t risking it all but building upon what you have already come to be.

If you can find fulfillment when you’re at rock bottom then you can find it at the highest highs as well. Just as if you’re unhappy when you have nothing, you’ll be unhappy when you have everything.

We’re engrained to fear success because our society, and every industry we’re surrounded with, relies on the never-ending quest for satisfaction.

We’re subconsciously taught that success is reliant upon external values and accomplishments. But we can re-define this by our own volition.

Re-Wire Your Perception of Judgment

The second main component in our fear of success is judgement. Chasing your dreams and fully believing that you can accomplish them is viewed as a borderline-arrogant act.

People think to themselves, “well, what gives them the right to pursue their dreams? What gives them the right to be happy?”

Such negativity and judgement is only based in their own internal desire to follow their dreams and have the bravery to pursue fulfillment like you do.

Use this as fuel. Look at their judgement and see the person, your past self, prior to deciding that you were enough. Recognize the state of being you never want to return to.

Anything But Arrogant 

Success is frightening ultimately because we fear ourselves, we fear our potential. We cower at the idea of others judging the passion that we hold so closely.

We don’t want to seem greater-than or selfish. I assure you that the only selfish act is keeping your gifts to yourself.

Selflessness is creation, it is vulnerability. Risking the comfort of concealing your worth and bravely stepping into the immense gifts and potential that you alone bear.

I implore you to just begin. Pursue success in the name of giving. The world needs you, we all do.

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