Why Keeping Your Room Clean is Important

Clean Room

I’m not someone who needs my house to be clean at all times. Often the opposite. I won’t touch a single dish or do the laundry during the week. But on the weekends, when I do clean my room, I notice a serious difference in my mentality and productivity. 

I’ve learned that having a clean room is really important. I can practically hear my family laughing at me right now – especially my dad who may burst into tears at the sight of my messy room. 

I’m not a neat-freak. I’m an organized person. Ask me to find my AC repair bill from two years ago and I’ll pull it out for you in three seconds. But watching me navigate my room is like watching the person in a spy movie trying to navigate those invisible lasers. 

But it’s because of my innate messiness that I feel like I can speak to why it’s important to have a clean room. Cleaning my house takes a full day of work. I don’t live in a huge apartment but at the end of the week, my dishes and laundry have piled up, I have dishes in every room in the house, and it takes me three or four Swiffer pads to get all the dirt out of my floors. 

After I’m done, I feel like a goddess who can do anything. Because my room was messy, my mind felt messy.

I felt just as disorganized as the clothes on the floor. But as soon as my room was clean, it felt like my mind was clear. I could focus on everything I needed to do. 

It’s that feeling of looking at a long to-do list completely checked off. I feel such a sense of accomplishment that it motivates me to keep that going. 

Psychologically, depression and a messy house go hand-in-hand. Of course, there are many chemical, personal, and social reasons for depression. However, some studies have shown that there is a direct link between a person’s mood and the state of their room. 

A messy room can make a person feel more depressed. Being depressed can cause someone to neglect cleaning their room which in turn feeds the depression. It’s a vicious cycle. A clean room is not going to cure depression, but decluttering your space may declutter your mind. 

Making your bed takes two minutes tops, and if you can make your bed right when you wake up, you’ve already accomplished something by 8 a.m. It’s hard to force yourself to do that when you’re running late, trust me, I know. But it’s that feeling of accomplishment and starting your day off right that might lead you to make better decisions the rest of the day.

Of course, there are sanitary reasons for keeping a clean room. It’s around that time when bugs are trying to find their way into your home so old food and junk on the counters is a big no-no. But also, it’s about making sure that you’re not wearing dirty clothes and keeping allergies at bay by dusting and sweeping. 

Cleaning your house is more important than just making it aesthetically pleasing. It’s about your mental and physical health. It’s something that messy people like me have to force ourselves to do, but it’s worth it.