Why We Change Like The Seasons

we change like the seasons

Every 4 months we get the chance at a fresh start as each new season graces us with its presence. The world of beauty and fashion has spoiled us with new trends and product drops around these times. But our predilection for change goes past just changing our lipstick shades and fabric choices. We can change like the seasons too.

There’s some sort of magic in the possibility of change. We can set new goals based on what is coming up, make resolutions, and decide who we want to be.

Deep down, we’re all motivated to be a better person. It’s like New Year’s Eve on a smaller scale. It comes down to liberation.

We feel in control when we can make changes that may have positive results. It can be especially refreshing if the last few months have been tough. You now get to step into a new time of the year that will be better than the last one.

In an article by The CUT, this change aligns with the fresh start effect. This describes a tendency people have to think of the bigger picture after starting a new era of their lives. They set goals to reach that big picture of the life they want later down the road.

The world of fashion and beauty may have instilled this seasonal change in us. But we’ve run further with it than the initial superficial reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, new trends, clothes, and makeup products are my kryptonite. Just like making life changes, these product and clothing changes add a much needed update to my daily routine. But the effects only last so long.

As each season approaches, or even if you’re itching for a new start, remember to ask yourself why. I know when I feel overwhelmed and anxious about things going on in my life, I tend to fly off the handle.  I try to make all these changes in my life spur of the moment. When in reality what I should be doing is taking a deep breath, stepping back, and asking myself if I really need a change or just breathe for a moment.

Now is the time to figure out the summer you. What tasks do you want to complete? What goals do you have? There is an endless amount of possibilities of what and who you could be over the next few months. Dive in.