Women Supporting Women in 2018: A Look Back

2018 has been The Year of the Woman. Many predicted it before I recognized it. Women everywhere are standing up and speaking out. For themselves, for each other. I wanted to round up the best examples of women supporting women I could find to give us hope that this beautiful trend will continue in 2019.

Halsey and Ariana Grande

After receiving multiple hate comments for sharing a photo of herself and late boyfriend Mac Miller, Ariana took to Twitter to advocate for more compassion. In no time, Halsey came to Ariana’s defense in a very direct, but effective way.

This was around the time Ariana shared a portion of a text thread between her and Halsey in which they are celebrating being on the top of the music charts together.

Image courtesy of Elle

Duet soon, please!

Gabrielle Union’s #WCW

In typical social media fashion, Gabrielle used the trend of selecting a Woman crush Wednesday to recognize Kehlani’s talent with music, sunny disposition, and positive attitude.

Seeing her smile literally changes the trajectory of my day.”

This shoutout was particularly special in my opinion due to earlier hate Kehlani endured after announcing her pregnancy.

Strangers looking out for each other.

We’ve all had an experience or two where a guy won’t take no for an answer. He can’t tell from your tone that you are not interested, or just doesn’t care and wants what he wants. A woman from the UK shared an experience of her own Twitter in which a watchful woman saved her from an awkward encounter.

Remember this next time a sister is in an awkward situation. Let’s help each other out!

Cara Mund’s Support for Miss Universe

After interning with the Miss Arizona Organization and getting work closely with some of the pageant contestants, I have a soft spot for the competition. Miss Universe recently crowned a new Queen and Cara Mund, former Miss America, was quick to give praise for Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters.

Cara’s comments perfectly reflect the strong sisterhood in pageants and that’s something that should transcend into the rest of our lives

Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka

In the face of an event dramatized by the media, Serena Williams was nothing but supportive of Naomi Osaka after Naomi won her match against the tennis legend at the U.S. Open. I watched Serena’s behavior on the podium as she tried to give Naomi some semblance of victory that didn’t focus on what happened on the court not too long before. She was respectful, graceful, and inspiring in the face of defeat. The media took away Naomi’s win and instead made all the news about an outburst, that frankly was warranted. The fact that Serena could switch gears and switch the narrative so quick to give Naomi credit is amazing.

These examples barely scratch the surface of all the women supporting women in 2018. Many acts went unreported on social media but that doesn’t make them less important. The only New Years resolution I encourage you to make is to continue this supportive and empowering behavior in 2019.

Cover image courtesy of The Daily Beast.

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