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Writer’s Block: Inspiration is Never Gone

Creativity can flourish if you allow it

Inspiration preludes creation, the birth of some form of art. As a creative, harnessing inspiration is a crucial part of my daily endeavors. Until recently, inspiration seemed to just flow through me. I believed it could be sought out or something that was lacking, but it always just happened upon me. A shift in mindset, or more likely energy, brought this phenomenon to a blinding halt.

As the world seemed to grow a bit darker, my inspiration fleeted. I let myself sit in this lull, hoping it could teach me something. And, as the universe’s will intended, it taught me a magnificent lesson.

It’s All Around

Life is creation. Each moment is new and we are re-born within it. Therefore, life itself, and our individual roles in this reality, directly parallel the relationship between art and inspiration.

The world, this Earth, and our consciousness selflessly give us our existence as a blank canvas. How we navigate our place within it, is the art. Consequently, we are inspiration.

We exist as the energy behind the masterpiece, the Earth presented as the canvas. By this token, the idea of being “uninspired” cannot fully manifest, for we embody the sensation of inspiration itself.

Choose Inspiration

Each breath, movement, decision, all the catalyst of art waiting to be harnessed and created. Dive deep into the awe-inspiring spectrum of your mind-space and fulfill your true purpose.

This overflowing wealth of vision is always there for us. The concept of being “uninspired” simply means that you’ve made inspiration inaccessible through your mindset.

In some facet, you’re not giving yourself full permission to live or feel the way you are intended. Center yourself spiritually and tap into what it is you’re denying yourself of.

This could be denial of sadness through anger, or love through disdain. Many of the emotions we identify with merely mask deeper, more powerful yet fear-inducing feelings.

The sensation you uncover may not be positive and that’s okay. Inspiration exists in every form of raw emotion, in every component of genuine acknowledgement of this life.

Denying the fact that life fluctuates on our mortally-fabricated spectrum of good and bad is fruitless, so feel without reservation.

Inspiration in Imperfection

While each chapter of life, and our reaction to it, is something to extend gratitude for, it never entirely subscribes to our ideal of perfection. But, the imperfection, the inconsistency, that’s where inspiration blossoms.

The messy entanglements of human emotion. The beauty in rage, the pain in fleeting love, the subtle daily shifts in energy within and around us can all become tools with which we use to create our art.

Ever-changing and flawed, the human experience allows for inspiration ceaselessly. Where there is breath, there is hope, and there is art. It’s all a matter of if you allow yourself to see it.

You possess everything needed to create art so beautifully flawed that no one can turn a blind eye to its magnificence.

Harness the opportunity for inspiration life provides at every turn. Surrender to the ceaseless well of creativity that takes root within your soul, within existence.

We. Are. Inspiration.

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