What Writing For Metiza Has Meant To Me

writing for metiza

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be a Metiza Magazine writer for the past eight months, and what a time it has been! I initially heard about the platform through a student organization at Arizona State University. After meeting the co-founder, Paige Bird, and chatting with her about all things writing, I fell in love with the Metiza message of female empowerment and authenticity.

writing for metiza

In a current world with so much negativity, it was refreshing to hear about an outlet that spreads nothing but love. It was a much-needed break from all the hard news I’m surrounded with in journalism school. 

I joined the Metiza team in January 2018 as a spring semester intern writing three stories each week. A majority of my pieces focused on fashion and lifestyle as those are the things I’m most passionate about.

writing for metiza

As this was my first internship ever, I was expecting to get professional experience and a few writing clips out of it and call it a day; however, I gained much more than I ever thought possible.

Not only did I learn essential skills that I’ll keep with me throughout my career, but I’ve also come to know a great deal about myself and who I want to be.

I began my position with Metiza at a time when I was involved with three other extracurriculars. I thought I could do it all and still keep my sanity…we’ve all been there!

As you can imagine, I was a bit overwhelmed with the responsibilities on my plate. I began to understand the importance of being intentional about my commitments.

Through all of the stress, I always had my writing to turn to. Although it was one of my many tasks, it felt like a release more than a chore. It provided me a place where I could express my thoughts and feelings with girls around the world.

It was a pleasure working alongside other gals who I could share my ideas and writing with. We bounced thoughts off one another and played a part in this beautiful network of friendship and feminism.

I had the responsibility and honor of communicating my ideas and being there for girls just like me!

I wrote a variety of stories throughout my time at the magazine covering topics from fashion, entertainment, to education; however, I found that my most meaningful pieces were the ones about life and personal struggles. I grasped the concept of how powerful writing can be and the purpose it serves in my life. 

Metiza gave me space to essentially flush out my thoughts on topics from friendships to breakups and everything in between. I felt like I was venting at times but eventually began to see that much more was going on.

I was sharing my stories with others who understood what I was experiencing and truly cared about what I had to say. Even though I didn’t meet the people reading my posts, knowing that someone somewhere was right there with me was pretty powerful.

I had a space to find my voice and use it in a special way!

writing for metiza

Although my time with the magazine is coming to a close, for now, I’m so proud and grateful to say I was a part of a community such as this. 

Whether you’re a writer or simply a girl looking for a supportive environment to share your thoughts, Metiza is the place for you. I encourage you to get your ideas out into the world and let your voice be heard. We care about you and all you have to say.

Metiza Magazine is much more than a writing outlet. It’s an ever-growing network of strong women ready to take on the world! Take that step and join us! We’re always here!

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