Soul On Fire. How Yoga Saved My Life.


Yoga changed my life. In fact, it certainly saved my life. It’s created this freedom & peace inside my soul that words won’t ever be able to describe. Flash back to a few years ago when my world turned upside down. My rock-star, aka my dad, passed away from cancer. I had no control over this, but it felt like the bottom had dropped out of my world. Losing my best friend at the age of 18 (and being the biggest daddy’s girl) was something I thought I would never be able to heal from.

When my dad was going through treatment I never understood how something so heartbreaking and tragic could happen to a genuine, strong, humble and perfect human being (this goes for anyone going through it). I just wasn’t able to grasp the fact that my father’s health was slowly deteriorating. At times, I was so consumed by it all, I lost sight of what lit my soul on fire. Where was I going? What did I want to do?

Nothing made me happy or made my spirit shine. Talking to a therapist was never inspiring for me nor something that resonated with me; I couldn’t express how I truly felt. This was a blessing in disguise. It led me to the beautiful raw practice of yoga. My father always told me, “Do what you love & pursue whatever your beautiful, radiant heart desires.”


Moving my body even as a little girl made me feel powerful, like I could fly. My mom would always say, before I could walk, I just couldn’t stop my stinger from moving to the beat. As I got older, the feeling became more profound and I ran with it. I’m grateful for being naturally flexible, so that part came easy for me. But, when I took my first yoga class, it was then that I started to connect my breath with every movement – as some would say, yoga “made me feel some type of way.”

Over time I felt this sense of calmness and spaciousness in my life I never thought possible. Every day grounding my bare feet, lifting my toes and spreading them wide, inhaling and exhaling. This energy inside me rises from under my mat, up through my legs & into my being. Breathing deeply through the pain, it eventually all fades away.

Yoga teaches powerful lessons. For me, it was to honor my body, my mind, my spirit. To go inward, surrender to what is, what was, and learn to let go. Each inhale and exhale at a time makes you go deeper into not only your physical being but your spiritual one as well.

Yoga teaches us grace, patience, compassion, balance, strength and most certainly peace – not only in our postures, but also in our daily lives. Yoga empowers me with a spiritual confidence that I’ve never felt, and I feel as though I am here on this spectacular planet to share that with others. Spreading my sparkle into the universe. Nothing is more powerful than a soul on fire.