Your Small Dreams Are Worthy of Your Time

We’re encouraged to dream big from a young age. I remember having dreams of being a singer or an ultra famous fashion designer. We’re expected to have these larger than life dreams for the rest of our lives. While that’s all fine and well, what about the small dreams? Those are worth effort too.

This isn’t me railing against having large dreams. Quite the opposite. Having those is incredible. Especially when you achieve them. But they often overshadow the seemingly mundane ones.

I’ve dreamt of becoming an avid painter, becoming fluent in French, and traveling the world. Not all of these goals would score particularly high on the importance scale for everyone. But they make me feel as if I’d be doing something with my life. It would also make me happy to work towards and achieve them.

We forget that happiness should be a priority. We can grind day in and day out in hopes that one day, we will cross the finish line we set for ourselves long ago.

But if we’re not happy, what’s the point?

As long as your dreams or actions needed to achieve those dreams do not harm anyone, no one can tell you what is or is not worth your time. Our lives are incredibly short. Too short to walk to the beat of someone else’s drum.

Dreams are what can get us through through day to day life. Instead of waiting years to achieve your one, larger than life dream, you’re also accomplishing other, smaller ones you’ve dreamt about.

These smaller dreams help round out your skill sets and interests. Not to mention how fulfilled you’ll begin to feel.

I’ve consistently used the term small dream throughout this article and maybe that’s the issue. By attributing size to something, you’re giving it importance. Or taking it away. We should just call them dream or goals. Call them whatever will motivate you to reach them.

The bottom line is, whatever it is you’ve dreamt about doing or being or becoming, do it. No dream is too small or too big for you to spend your time on t. We believe in you.