We’re All Still Figuring It Out: A TedxTeen Talk with Tavi Gevinson EIC of Rookie Mag

Feminism is a discussion and a process.

Tavi Gevinson was 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, when she gave her “Still figuring it out” TEDxTeen talk.  At the time, she was already editor-in-chief of Rookie Mag,  an online magazine that allows teens to express themselves through a myriad of art forms. Even with that type of success at a young age, she stresses that she’s still figuring it out, just like everybody else.

Gevinson’s talk is especially important for us young feminists, a reminder that the two-dimensional female characters on television are not an accurate representation of women in the real world. People expect women to be that simple to understand, when in actuality, “Women are complicated, women are multifaceted. Not because women are crazy, but because people are crazy and women happen to be people.” A reminder to all of us that ours flaws are what make us human and that we should accept it. We’re all still just figuring it out – together.

Still Figuring It Out | Tavi Gevinson | TEDxTeen

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