Can you Hit Like A Girl?

Female drummers, do you have what it takes to hit like a girl?

Typically “hit like a girl” is a phrase used to try to emasculate someone or in the very least used in a demeaning way. But now a female drumming competition is taking this commonly used negative phrase and turning into something positive.

Hit Like A Girl is an international drumming contest entering its seventh year of competition. On their website, it promises to build on the success and rowing popularity of the program to expand the public awareness of the female drummers and grow the female drumming community.

This year, the theme is “Break Through” which is a nod towards “the progress already made in shattering barriers and stereotypes as well as a call to action aimed at empowering more women and girls to become players.”

Hit Like A Girl runs from March to May and features a variety of competitions. While collecting entries, there will be six weekly competitions, which all contestants are eligible for. The weekly contests are “judged by top female drum industry executives along with a female endorser from presenting sponsors.”

After the last day to submit your entry, there are two weeks of public voting which select the finalists. Once the finalists are selected an all-star panel of celebrity drummers judge the submissions.

The winners are announced in a webcast ceremony in mid-May.

Hit Like A Girl is extremely accommodating to all girls in percussion. With entries being accepted both in the under and over 18 category, there are also a variety of methods to submitting an entry. There is a category for drum set, marching percussion. world percussion, as well as the new “Music Technology” category which is run by Beats by Girlz.

The competition website offers links to professional backing tracks suggested by artists and sponsors of the competition alike.

The competition is very proud of its new developments in this coming competition season.

For the first time, there will be a version of the competition in China organized by 9 Bets drum schools, as well as a dramatic expansion of the competition.

Through an ambassador program for Hit Like A Girl, they have been able to expand the local contests in Mexico, France, the UK and other areas around the world, their website says proudly.

Through alliances with organizations such as DCI, School of Rock and Girls Rock Camps the expansion was made possible.

Last year, the competition announced an overall winner in both the under and over 18 categories, and also included a first and second runner up as well. And as you can see below, the competition can get pretty intense. Below is the winning 18 and up video from last year.

Do you think you have what it takes?

There are only a few rules that the website specifies, making it extremely easy for almost anyone to enter.

The first rule is, of course, you must either a woman or a girl. The website jokes, “the contest is named ‘Hit Like a Girl’ after all.”

Secondly, this is an amateur contest. So for those of you who are making more the $50K a year playing music or if you have an endorsement contract, sorry folks, you’re ineligible for this competition.

The video you submit must be three minutes long, but other than that, you have a lot of creative control. The website says that you can submit a solo, a cover, or even a recent gig. All of this, just as long as you showcase your skills.

If I decide to submit, how will I be evaluated?

The video entries will be judged by the public on their website, but judges will also be looking at videos. The criteria is as follows: 60 percent for performance, 30 percent for presentation, and 10 percent for the story.

On the website they emphasize that performance includes the overall groove, sound, technique, musicality, and interpretation. While presentation is the production quality and effect. With the story category of the evaluation, personality, passion and detail all play a part in your overall score.

Why is this important?

This is incredible for all women in percussion. As a girl who played in the percussion section of the band since the eighth grade, I can personally say that girls in percussion are the minority. I was always being forced to play the triangle or the shaker part because the boys always wanted to play the snare or drum set. And although I had a drum set at home, I began to shy away from the instrument, as I began to see it as less and less something I could do.

Competitions like this are desperately needed and when women begin to succeed in percussion, others are inspired to follow.

Good luck to all of the Hit Like A Girl contestants!




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