This Toddler’s Daily Affirmation Will Make You Rethink Your Routine

Warning: This video promotes good vibes.

Even though Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation” video hit YouTube almost 8 years ago it never fails to make us go “aww,” and realize that’s how we should be thinking every time we look in the mirror, too. If you haven’t seen this video, it is a must see. A four-year-old telling herself that she has an awesome life? Amazing. Since this video was filmed in 2001, we assume Jessica is probably 19 or 20 now. We hope she’s continued to hold on to this positive mindset and owns this video with pride because she’s inspired all of us! Rock on, Jessica!

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Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”

Jessica’s dad made this channel as a video diary to keep memories of his two daughters, how awesome is that?! To see more cuteness, check out his channel, here!