Discovery, the Journey and the Path to Your “Best-Self”

The path of discovery is the most rewarding of all

Self-improvement never ends. With that, you must also acknowledge the fact that you’re already your best self. It may sound a bit contradictory, but the balance between these truths lies your Shangri-La.

The Beginnings

Something in your life may seem incomplete or inadequate. Like many others, you begin searching for answers outside of yourself. Soon after, it becomes clear that what you’re looking for can only be found by you and within you. Then begins the process of self-improvement.

Your goals may include physical fitness, expanding knowledge regarding a certain subject, or re-defining ethical and moral standards.

Acknowledging an area of your life that you could excel further in is beyond admirable, but you must tread carefully.

Just Be

Like other animals on Earth, humans bear the gift of intuition. This ability, however, has slowly grown overshadowed by expectations of how we are supposed to live, move, eat, and function.

Before you can truly improve any facet of your life, you first must tap into simply being. What things do you do in your daily life because you feel a physical or spiritual inclination to? What things do you do simply because it’s what you and others expect?

The beautiful thing about intuition is that it’s always there for you. You may stray here and there, but you can always return back to one of the greatest gift Earth bestows upon us.

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Practicing Intuition

Intuition is the ability to just know. Without verbal or logical explanation, you harbor a certainty involving some aspect of your human experience.

Various practices allow you to tap into an uninfluenced body and mind. These practices all root themselves in stillness. Quiet moments that allow you to truly hear what your body and the world around you has to say.

Meditation grants you the mindfulness to access your intuition, as do things like yoga and journaling. Really any occasion where you can sit and completely surrender to the moment and your feelings, allows you to act intuitively.

Through lending an ear to intuition, you grow closer to mastering the thing we’ve grown separate from: being.

Once you can simply be, you begin sincerely understanding yourself. Attempting to “improve” without even knowing who you are in the first place is akin to the futility of building a home with no foundation.

Appreciate Everything

Through embracing how you feel, the ways you choose to move your body, and your personal desires and dreams, you no longer expend energy suppressing these instincts. Now that you have this mental and spiritual vacancy, it naturally fills with gratitude.

This is the over-encompassing key, thankfulness. Appreciating each moment from the smallest blessing to the largest struggle. Recognizing that they each sculpt life into a constant journey of highs and lows with the only guarantee being its unceasing altruism.

Ditch Comparisons

Embarking upon any new experience requires some research. You may have followed leaders in fitness or spirituality on Instagram, invested in reading material, or even attended seminars in whichever fields peak your interest.

Tapping into the knowledge of others is wise, but once comparison occurs you need to step back and re-evaluate.

The fact that someone rises to prominence within self-discovery, spirituality, or any other manifestation of internal evolution, doesn’t mean that they are superior to you in any way.

Everyone walks their own path and discovers exactly what they are meant to, when they are meant to. There’s no hierarchy in the universe’s will.

Synchronously recognize that others are no better or worse than you, the quest for discovery and improvement is an act of self-love, and you’re already your best self.

You’ve Always Been Your “Best Self”

Aiming to better yourself in one way or another doesn’t mean that you’re currently inadequate.

It means that you love yourself and those you influence enough to want to exist in your highest form possible. Through striving towards that, you embody positivity. But, you must not get caught up in labels and perceptions of what exactly that is.

Looking to find your “best self” is futile. This is because you’re already your best self and always have been. The time or collection of moments you realized you wanted to exist in a new, sanguine manner, came upon you exactly when they were meant to.

Things come upon your path and thoughts into your mind, for a reason. In no other moment were you meant to have these realizations. Thoughts, people, and occurrences happen precisely when they’re meant to.

This is due to the fact that each of our lives is a conglomeration of the tiniest instances of choice. We choose one path and someone else chooses another, and the cycle continues. Therefore, we’re all destined to encounter certain experiences, in this case a period of self-discovery and improvement, whenever it falls into our lives.

Discovery is Improvement

Taking the leap to do some intense soul-searching of where you may be dissatisfied in your life is scary. But don’t frame this process as strictly means of improvement. Through discovering yourself, you improve in a way that transcends any numeric or phonetic communication.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in visible or physical goals because the greatest satisfaction comes from change that happens within.

Embark on your own path of exploration when the time comes, don’t force anything. Through finally embracing the process of discovery that is life, I guarantee you’ll unlock the most breathtakingly miraculous parts of yourself and the world.

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