Stuff Mom Never Told You: Men Can Be High Maintenance Too!

Let's not make our need for validation a gender thing ok? Annoying as it may be.

Women get a bad rap for being high maintenance, but what about high maintenance men? That’s right, being high maintenance actually has NOTHING to do with being  a woman and everything to do with being in a relationship. Cristen Conger of Stuff Mom Never Told You breaks it down and helps us realize that men can be high maintenance too!

We’ve come to the conclusion that low maintenance means that one doesn’t need much to be happy. While that’s awesome in many instances, it’s not in this one. In this case, it refers to those that are in incommunicative, disengaging, and passive in their relationship, which makes the other person do a whole lot of work to figure out what you’re thinking and feeling!

Gendered stereotypes are not cool, y’all.  Relationship dynamics vary, and we can’t place specific conventions on how men and women act within their partnerships. Everyone is guilty of being high maintenance at one time or another, and it’s our responsibility to learn how to fix it!

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High Maintenance Men | Stuff Mom Never Told You

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