Spirited Seeker Emily Hassett Drops Some Serious Knowledge on Not Waiting to Love Yourself

A touch of wanderlust and wellness from the Land of Oz.

I’m a firm believer in people appearing in your life with a purpose. Situations present themselves in varying ways, often to teach a hard lesson, or to connect kindred spirits. Finding your tribe. Have you ever had a book or a movie or even a person come up in conversation, in completely different context, multiple times when you’ve never heard of it before? That’s the thing. The serendipity of it all. The Spirited Seeker – Emily Hassett to friends – is part of that magic. I met this delightful spirit the same evening I met Jeremy Goldberg of Long Distance Love Bombs. She’s wicked cool, I needed her in my world, and you do to. Here’s why.

When we got to chatting about her adventures, I realized there was much more backstory to Emily than first met the eye. So, I figured let’s start with some background first. Ok Em, where are you from, what is the story that led you to the world you live in now?

EH: I have the grit of the typical working-class Australian in my bones. I grew up in a really social environment – my parents are popular like the cool kids at school, they attract lots of fun – which meant I was quite outgoing from the get go. Phew, I think it’s always a bit tough through the teen years, which blessed me with a darkness I couldn’t escape until I absolutely needed to. My roots are laced with a tinge of sadness, lots of hustle and views about the world that led me to believe I was a victim of it, rather than creating with it.  I spent ages 15-18 really ill with gut-stuff, meaning I was getting stares from strangers who thought I was a pregnant teen when in fact my belly was just full of my angst and a diet I couldn’t tolerate.

I had good fun in those years but it was always followed by the sinking ‘black cloud’ that I couldn’t figure out how to keep at bay. There were days on end that I couldn’t find a reason to get out of bed, so I wouldn’t, and I wanted to die often, but there was this flickering glimmer of KNOWING deep down that life had so much more for me, that this wasn’t it – despite the attitudes of people around me. I’d had it with the medication I was on for my gut, sneakily went and had a few sessions with a psychologist who introduced me to hypnosis and helped me recover from insomnia, and packed 2 suitcases with the things I cherished and threw out the rest. I moved from Melbourne to the tropics of Australia at 18, distancing myself from the world I was raised in by over 1600 miles. It was liberating!  I’ve been on an endless journey of self-discovery ever since.

 How are you choosing to manifest your best life? To make it real?

EH: Very intentionally. I carve out time DAILY to connect with what is important to me – I constantly check in with myself. Does this feel aligned with my ultimate vision? Is this really who I want to be? Will this help me attract more of what I want? Every choice matters – manifesting is such a playful dance when I get in the flow, but that requires ME to first step in to that feeling-sense of creator instead of always asking for more. I set intentions for the day when I wake, write myself love notes, try to be focused on a single task at one time to ensure I’m present and prioritize daydreaming. That isn’t wasted time or something to feel guilty about – it’s where the magic happens and the seeds are planting for the unfolding of your future.

It’s all on you, baby, to show up for yourself and know you are worthy of all the good stuff.

If you could give advice to young people, girls in particular, reflecting back on your own journey, what would you tell them?

EH: Don’t wait to love yourself. Don’t wait to be accepted by the pretty girl, don’t wait to nab the cute guy to make you feel beautiful, don’t wait until you get the award or the opportunity or the job to feel like you’re good enough. You are freaking good enough, right now. RIGHT now. Seriously. You can’t rely on others – not even your parents or closest people – to give you the love you crave. It’s all on you, baby, to show up for yourself and know you are worthy of all the good stuff.

How important is it, in your opinion, to surround yourself with others that are like minded?

EH: OH MY GOODNESS, HUGE. It is scientifically proven that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most of our time around. Take note of that. I have noticed a massive difference in myself with the company I keep – this isn’t to say that your time isn’t worthy of people you don’t want to be like, but giving your energy to those who really light your fire is really important. In my teens, when I was experiencing constant darkness, I was hanging around people that took drugs to escape. I may have been sober, but I was taking on that dark energy that surrounds those sorts of things.

I found the girl group of my dreams only recently and oh my, I have noticed the shift in me leaps and bounds! Because I’m surrounding myself with people who are conscious about the environment, keen on having spiritual conversations, feel confident without booze and go to things like Nude Yoga and alcohol-free dance raves, I’m becoming more of the person I am really meant to be. My biz is thriving, my confidence soaring and I’m generally just having more fun.

My hope is to bring kind energy to the world by bringing like minded souls together. How are you seeking and spreading kindness + love?

EH: I think it’s becoming less about what you do for a living, and more about how you live. I do that now when I teach yoga, holding space for people to just be. I host women’s circles to guide them back to their personal power. I cook for my family and infuse love into the food. When I talk to people on the phone, I’m not doing a million other things, I’m there with them.

Everyone just wants to be seen and heard, and instead of feeling the pressure to make that your career or business, just be it. Every. Damn. Day. In every interaction, see how much of yourself you can offer. Presence is the ultimate gift in this busy, distracted world.

spirited seeker emily hasset
What do you do for self care?

EH: Ooooh such a juicy topic – this is IMPERATIVE to living a full, luscious life! Especially as women, we need to nurture the feminine side of us that is soft, gentle and craves a grounding that we don’t get when we live out of our masculine energy during the day to get things done. I schedule days to have my phone off and away, so I can be guided by my intuition as to what to do instead of reacting to the constant urge of screen time and social media. I take a rug to the park with no agenda, to just be. This one’s really hard.. try leaving the house without a phone, book, notepad or anything to ‘do’. Just be.

I make myself feel like gold before I leave the house, whatever that means on that day. Today all it meant was having a shower and wearing a crystal necklace. Tomorrow I might actually style my outfit or use essential oil as perfume. It’s all the little things that add up – you deserve to feel like a queen, and once again it is up to you to feel that way – so treat yourself as you wish the perfect partner would! Date yourself. I often take myself out to dinner with a book or grab takeaway and eat on the beach looking at the ocean. Those moments of self care – that’s where life is.

Do you have heroes you look up to or mentors that have inspired your journey?

EH: There was a young female yoga teacher 2 years ago that gave me the belief in myself I’d never had – just because she saw it in me, it unlocked my perception and I started believing I was worthy of more and I was capable of doing hard things. I remind myself of that power every time I teach a yoga class now. She was actually the one that first said to me ‘you gotta teach this, y’know’.

Elizabeth Gilbert is my all time favourite author and human being – she’s just a gem. Warm, charismatic, but freaking powerful. I’ve read Eat Pray Love 11 times and it’s like a security blanket when things get messy. Her vulnerability through writing gave me permission to feel the darkness, and her wisdom about creativity is what helps me shape my lifestyle as a freelance designer today.

As for icons or heroes, none of them last. I think I’m just inspired by people who really love what they do. I recently saw a one man band play a set and it was euphoric – being in the presence of someone so thrilled to share what they get jazzed up on – that’s a hero any day.


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