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The 411 on Essential Oils & A Free E-Course with the Real Flying Yogini

Add some tools to your de-stress toolbox.

Have you noticed how much essential oils have been gaining popularity lately? Maybe it’s the needed for self care, maybe it’s the focus on simpler things. Nicole shared essential oils as being part of her self-love gift to herself, and Michelle shared their value in skin care. It’s also a perfect compliment to your yoga practice, which we know helps us live better both on and off our mat. Wellness is my life’s work both as a yogini and human being. Essential oils have become an integral part of my practice and I’m excited to share some goodness with you. Ask and you shall receive.

Essential Oil E-Course

Essential Oil E-Course

Starting February 20 I’m going to host a free 5 day essential oil e-course on 5 favorites. Each day you’ll get an email with a 411 on the oil, how to use it for health, wellness and emotional assistance. We’ll learn about my five all time favorite essential oils, how to use them in your home, room or dorm room, as emotional wellness tools and for your yoga practice.

Additionally I’ll hook you up with a good recipe for blending the oil for a body product so you know how to use it. Best of all I’ll be giving away prizes. One of which is just for participating in the course! * Hope you’ll join me and let your fellow essential oil fans know as well.

Sign up here:  Join Nancy Alder, The Real Flying Yogini for a FREE essential oil e-course during the week of Feb 20.

The Living MalaA Book Too? Yep, More Goodness

My book, The Living Mala,  is about bringing the practice of yoga into all aspects of life, creating a living practice. The actions offered in these pages remind us that we should strive for presence not perfection. These helpful tools are useful in exploring what it means to have a practice and to what yoga can look like in our often busy lives.

A signed copy is available to the Metiza girl that shares what yoga means to her both on and off the mat! Send your thoughts to contributors@metiza.com. For more info on how to de-stress and add yoga to your life, check out my additional articles here: Meet the Real Flying Yogini & The Five Yamas of Yoga

*Free giveaway limited to US residents, images via Flying Yogini.

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