Dear Straight Guys, Stop Stereotyping Bisexual Women

Straight men: check your privilege.

It’s 2017, and stereotypes regarding sexuality and the LGBTQIAA community still rear their ugly heads. Cristen of Stuff Mom Never Told You breaks down what many straight males tend to assume, and the ways film and television are stereotyping bisexual women.

Guess what, guys?  Just because a person is attracted to both men and women does not mean they’re willing to sleep with anyone that passes by. While the percentage of the LGBTQIAA characters on television are bisexual (an all-time high!), unfortunately, the trope of the evil hyper-sexual bisexual is as well. So, ladies, make sure all your straight male friends watch this video and never make this assumption again.

For more absurdity on the sexuality front, Cristen has some real talk about slut shaming here.

Stereotyping Bisexual Women – What Straight Guys Get Wrong About Bi Girls

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