Our Focus During Award Season Needs To Change

Billy Porter's hot-pink cape is excluded, obviously.

Best dressed. Worst dressed. What designers were worn. These are our focus during any award season and it takes away from the real reason these celebrities are there- because of their hard work and talent.

We should use these events to celebrate actors and artists. I know this may sound ridiculous because if they’re making it this far, then they’re being celebrated right?

Yes of course they are. But only to an extent. The focus on what’s being worn and overall appearance takes main stage while the awards and celebration of talent takes the passenger seat. Women are subjected to this focus more so than their male counterparts.

Instead of being asked about their work during red carpet interviews, women in both the movie and music industry are always asked what designer they were wearing. Not about their work or upcoming projects. Their male counterparts weren’t subjected to the same line of questioning.

When actresses banded together under her the #AskHerMore movement and refused to answer questions about their clothing, it was a huge deal.

This act has been so ingrained in our society to the point that it’s seen as normal. We all look forward to seeing the looks at any red carpet. Myself included. I freaked out when I saw Lady Gaga match her hair to her gown for the Golden Globes.

Our collective focus has to shift now. These humans have more to offer than their appearance. Regardless of gender, privilege, ethnicity, or race.

Instead of asking what designer they are wearing, why aren’t they asked about their acting method? What it took to get into character or how hard they worked on a certain project? Not only would this humanize them but it would give us a peak into their world.

I want to hear more about how Sandra Oh is the first Asian woman to win a Golden Globe for lead actress in a drama in 38 years. She was also the first Asian woman to host the ceremony.  More videos of her father applauding her would also be appreciated.

I want more focus on Glenn Close’s inspiring speech. We should celebrate the fact that this year’s Golden Globes was the most diverse yet with 4 out of 10  films nominated for best picture had non-white directors. There is still so much work to do in that respect and I hope this is a step forward in a positive direction.

Let’s also celebrate the fact that Regina King vowed to try and hire a staff composed fifty percent of women but also challenged people of power in all industries to do the same.

We can still appreciate and get excited to see the amazing dresses and at these shows but it shouldn’t be our sole focus anymore.

Image courtesy of International Business Times


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