Adopt, Don’t Shop: A Story About Adopting and Fostering Dogs

The one time failing at something is positive.

While puppies are super cute and watching them grow up is both frustrating and amazing, there is a huge need for people to foster and adopt dogs. Allie Hanlon of the California feminist punk band Peach Kelli Pop talks about fostering dogs, and interviews Kate of Girl Gang TV about how she came to adopt her pitbull pup, Stella.

Fostering is when you take a dog from a shelter into your home so it can get used to living with new people while it’s waiting to get adopted. This allows the animal to get acquainted with life outside the shelter, and will help it better adjust once it’s adopted. It’s also a great way to see if you’re ready to get a dog of your own. If someone is fostering an animal and decides to adopt it, that’s called a “failed foster”. Definitely doesn’t sound like a fail to us!

If you’re interested in working at a shelter, check out Metiza Girl Kaycee Krell’s experience volunteering at an animal rescue shelter.

A Story About Fostering Dogs – Girl Gang TV

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