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Grab Your Girls and Head to Brunch: It’s Galentine’s Day!

Waffles and your best girlfriends... what more do you need?

We all know what happens on February 14th: Valentine’s Day. Gotta be honest, for a myriad of reasons, it’s not really the best holiday around. It excludes those of us who are not currently in some sort of romantic relationship, and that’s not cool. Want to know what is cool? GALENTINE’S DAY!

It’s a holiday created by the ever-amazing Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler’s character on the television comedy, Parks and Recreation. Galentine’s Day is on February 13th, and is a day to honor the ladies in your life. While Leslie’s favorite way to celebrate it to take her girls out to brunch (waffles always included), Sarah Burgett and her best friends have got a couple more ideas for you!

GIF of Leslie Knope praising Galentine's Day

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Galentine’s Day Activities

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Cover image via Parks & Rec.