The Metiza Community Celebrates Our 1st Year in Their Own Words

What a year it has been!

On February 19th, 2016 a community was brought into this world and we could not be more proud. Now it’s time to celebrate YOU, the Metiza Community! What better way to celebrate the first birthday of this spectacular and diverse group of people than to go directly to the source?

We asked our contributors to share what brought them here, what they love about the community and what they would like to see the next year bring. After all, Metiza is created by you and for you! The world keeps evolving, so should we. Who’s ready for an even better 2017? We are!

Metiza community birthday celebration

Hannah Richardson Metiza Community

Metiza is a place where real women can share how they really feel. I know it sounds cliche, but when I found Metiza, all I wanted to do was binge-read. After devouring the “Foodie” section, I basically became Metiza’s biggest fan. The various articles on everything from music to politics were so fascinating to me, and I just knew I wanted to be a part of the crazy, silly, fun community that calls itself Metiza Magazine.

Next year, I really hope more girls join Metiza! The wonderful thing about this community is it’s real girls and real women contributing their views. No manufactured agenda here. It’s just people from all around the world venting, ranting, sharing, and exciting us with thoughts on everything from peanut butter to the artists who are going to change the universe. – Hannah R.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Jorey Cohen Metiza CommunityI take it as a sign of fate that led me to become a contributor for Metiza. Last year, before Metiza was officially in existence, I received an informational email about this upstarting magazine, as my high school was a focus group for Metiza. I agreed with the concern that magazines targeting teen girl audiences lacked authentic, educating, and hopeful articles. Metiza and its content solves this gap, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Metiza has allowed me a chance to get my voice out in the world, and I am forever grateful. The community is so joyful and positive, filled with uplifting and inspiring people who write uplifting and inspiring pieces. All articles are written by extraordinary girls who have so much knowledge covering a range of topics. I learn something new every time I read an article and try to apply it to my own life. – Jorey C.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Krisit Pangrazio Metiza Community

I recently participated in the Seattle March on January 21 – demonstrating the peaceful power of numbers, the power of solidarity, the power of women and the power of voice. I felt the impact of the day by the sheer magnitude of voice and the delivery of so many messages through the signs carried by young and old, female and male. One sign resonated with me – “Now You Have Really Pissed Off Grandma”. What that said to me is how important my voice is as a grandma – my wisdom – by virtue of the years I have lived and by my role as mother of a daughter and granddaughters.

Equally, I realize my responsibility to all future generations of girls to women, and for that reason I am grateful for Metiza – the Team, the Founders and the community. You are all the reason for me to share my voice. Thank you for that gift. – Kristi P, Chief Networking Officer

Metiza community birthday celebration

Talia Ramella Metiza Community

On Metiza I’ve noticed the intense and overwhelming positivity that is shared. I can always find a fun and interesting article or a piece that lifts my spirits and encourages me to be my best self. I love reading women’s voices whether it be silly and fun or thought provoking and deep. I was brought to Metiza to share my stories of traveling through Europe. My hope is that other young women can read about my adventures and seek knowledge and experiences out in the world. I love how Metiza women are not only active online, but in their community as well. I want to see that influence grow and would love to see the diverse pieces continue. – Talia R.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Mia Armstrong Metiza Community

I came to Metiza looking for a community where I could express my authentic self, and I found a wonderful group of women who lift each other up and promote positive change! My amazing friend Annie Mazzarella brought me to Metiza, and I’m so glad she did. – Mia A.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Rachell Krell Metiza CommunityWhat brought me to Metiza was the prospect of being able to make a difference by doing what I love: writing! My first article is about loving yourself for who you are, which I think perfectly describes the philosophy of Metiza. I’ve had strangers come up to me and tell me that they recognize me from Metiza, and that my article about body image and self love has inspired them. Because of this online publication I’ve been able to help people through my own experiences. I fell in love with its mission and purpose, and I knew I wanted to be part of it.

What I love most about our Metiza community is not only support from our readers but from fellow contributors! I have become friendly with other writers all over the country simply because we support each other’s articles. I also love that everybody is welcome regardless of their background or writing style. This is a community full of people working to bring positive change to the world. It’s the most encouraging and inspiring group of people to surround yourself with. – Rachel  K.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Elena Salaks Metiza Community

I joined the Metiza community because I loved the idea behind it. To inspire and encourage teen girls. This world can be a pretty negative place and I want to be a change agent in making it better. Keep doing what you’re doing Metiza, you’re rocking it! – Elena S.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Anita Ramaswamy Metiza Community

One of my best friends, Annie, brought me to Metiza. Through our beautiful, supportive friendship, we’ve helped each other improve as writers and as people. I’ve really appreciated the experience so far, and the community of strong females with strong opinions. I want to see Metiza grow this year by tackling some more serious issues (in addition to light-hearted, fun content, of course), because in this political climate, we have a journalistic responsibility to help girls speak out about pressing issues of our time. Young women are smart, articulate, and have useful messages to share, and I believe it’s our duty to continue amplifying their voices! – Anita R.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Caroline Petosa Metiza CommunityI love the Metiza community because it is a place where anybody can express themselves and have their voices heard. It is a positive and uplifting community that encourages everyone to be whoever they want to be 100% of the time and it’s also a great way to find some new ideas and inspiration when you’re in need. I’d love to see more people join the Metiza community, I encourage all of my friends to contribute. I’m actually trying to convince my friend Sarah to write something as I write this! I feel like it’s such a wonderful community and a fabulous way to be able to express yourself about anything and everything. – Caroline P.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Annie Mazzarella Metiza CommunityMetiza found me through close friend of Paige Bird, our EIC, Susan Seep, Speech & Debate coach and SWSDI director. I was very interested when she informed me about Metiza, as well as the creativity and diversity of the Metiza community. I have learned a lot through various articles about recipes, travel, school, and self-care. It’s a fun resource for me. In the next year I’d like to see Democrats, Republicans, Independents, whoever fighting back against our political administration.  – Annie M.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Clara Burgess Metiza CommunityI learned of Metiza through a friend from a group of girls I was blessed to originally travel Ghana with. She put me in touch with the opportunity, and I have been in love ever since. It is an honor to write for Metiza, although I hardly feel I have time to write now that I’m enrolled in my MA. I feel so blessed to have such an opportunity. Greetings from Ghana! – Clara B.

Metiza community birthday celebration

Elizabeth Ramirez Metiza Community

I first learned about Metiza through a lecture that was given at SWSDI last summer at Arizona State University. After hearing about magazine, I was excited to start contributing. I love the fact that all of the writers and readers are extremely outgoing, relatable, and positive. In the next year, I would love to have more diversity in the topics that are covered. Reading pieces from professional athletes, inspiring women entrepreneurs, and other knowledgeable and interesting people is one of my favorite aspects of the website. – Elizabeth  R.