Five Unconventional Ways to Spend Valentines Day, No BF Required

Don't let your relationship status limit you this Valentines Day!

I adore Valentines Day, and last time I checked, holiday’s aren’t relationship-status-discriminatory. So if you were thinking you were going to conveniently forget February 14th just because you’re single, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Never turn down an excuse to love yourself and eat chocolate! Here are eight fabulous and unconventional ways you can celebrate:

1. Throw a Valentines Day Brunch

Why brunch? Because everyone knows brunch is the best meal. Plus, this way you can get all your friends (even the ones who have dinner plans with their boyfriends) to come on over. The real question is: pink, heart-shaped pancakes, crepes with Nutella and strawberries, or french toast with strawberries and whip cream?

2. Get Chinese Food and Sing Karaoke

Skip the couples at romantic Italian and French restaurants, and instead head to Chinatown. Get dessert and bubble tea. And if you’re feeling adventurous afterward, confess how you really feel belting your heart out at a karaoke bar.

3. Have a Glow-Up Day

Today is a day to pamper yourself. Get your nails done, blowout your hair, take a bubble bath, get your brows done- maybe throw in a massage… Don’t forget the mandatory Valentine’s Day selfie!

4. Love the Arts

Who needs a guy when they can have the arts? If you’re into classy guys, get tickets to the theatre; if you like artistic guys, tour an art gallery; if you like romantic dude, go to a poetry reading; if you just want someone who can make you laugh, head to a comedy club. The arts are the ideal date this Valentines Day.

5. Have a Pizza Party and Ryan Gosling Movie Marathon

Pizza and movies are a no-fail combination. Make your own heart-shaped pizzas, and while they’re baking, begin your movie marathon. We’re talking The Notebook, Blue Valentine, La La Land… all that good stuff. Or if you’ve already seen those too many times, 50 Shades Freed just came out in theatres to a 7% on Rotten Tomatoes- so that might be a good rom-com.

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