Riri Williams Takes on MIT + Pi Day 2017. Because Smart Girls Rock, Period.

Not all heroes wear capes.

It’s that day that all math teachers look forward to. No, not graduation. The one day of the year not shared with a President, a Saint, or a winter holiday tradition. The day you can actually use objectives, standards, Common Core, even standardized test prep yet still partake in a delicious sweet treat. Yes, you guessed it, Pi Day. That celebration of an irrational number that somehow opens the door to upper division math.

While we could have all kinds of fun, silly videos about pie eating contests, and lip syncs of the pi song (there are many), we stumbled upon a series of videos by MITBloggers. MIT – the Holy Grail of engineering universities – has an admission process that is not for the faint of heart or weak of will. So it’s no surprise our favorite admissions video, submitted in honor of Pi Day, comes from Ayomide F. ’18 as Riri Williams.

This is a superhero we can get on board with, becasue smart girls rock.

Check out the out-takes and behind the scenes of this amazing video here.