15 Simple Food Swap Ideas for a Healthier You!

Food swap ideas in heart jars

I’m going to share a secret: it isn’t necessary to go on a diet that excludes all food groups except vegetables in order to lose weight, feel less bloated, etc. Simple food alternatives can help accomplish these goals. A healthy-focused eating lifestyle, that does not restrict one’s food consumption, is the route to pursue. There’s no need to sacrifice flavor, either.

Plus, now that it’s summer vacation,  I know that it’s harder for me to remain focused on healthy eating. It is way too easy to go out with friends multiple times a week and loose track of what you ate, let alone if it was healthy for you. So, I came up with a few easy food swap suggestions to share with you! I also included helpful tips to guide you down the path to a happier, healthier body.

Food swap until your heart…and body’s content!

Food swap 1: sweet potato friesFood swap 2: dark choclateFood swap 3: orangesFood swap 4: Olive OIlFood swap 5: frozen grapesGluten Free toastFood swap 7: avocadoFood swap 8: quinoaFood swap 9: popcornFood swap 10: spaghetti squashFood swap 11: bananasFood swap 12: zucchini boatFood swap 13: veggie chipsFood swap 14: Greek yogurtFood swap 15: smoothies