7 Resources for Female Sexual Liberation

female sexual liberation

When it comes to sex, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding it, women’s relationship to it, and we’re definitely not taught to have sexual liberation. We’re culturally objectified, sluts if we enjoy it and/or do it often, pure or a prude if we don’t, men want it from us no matter what. But where are the women’s voices when it comes to sex and what we want? They exist and we’ve compiled our favorites for you. Get ready to feel empowered, sexy and love yourself!

1. Guys We Fucked, The Anti-Slut Shaming Podcast

Krystyna Hutchinson (@KrystynaHutch) and Corinne Fisher (@PhilanthropyGal) are two New York based comedians who will challenge everything you think you know about sex, tell you their own sex stories, bring on guests to talk about their sex stories, and are all around sex positive and anti-slut shaming. Definitely check them out for a dope and women empowering podcast! You can hear them on Stitcher, Spotify, & iTunes.

2. Dame Products

Dame’s mission is to close the pleasure gap between men and women. Did you know that 91% of cis-men said they “usually” or “always” orgasm during sex while only 39% of cis-women said the same?! This is where Dame Products got started. Sex therapist Alex Fine and MIT Engineering graduate Janet Lieberman got together to create a new, unique sex toy that you can’t find anywhere else on the market.

3. EmpowHER

EmpowHER doesn’t necessarily market themselves as a sex resource but more as a women’s health resource! They have articles, personal stories from women everywhere, and any resource you could possibly need for your health. Within these resources is a large sexual health section.  If you have health questions, they have a 24 hour promise that as soon as you ask your question, you’ll get a response within 24 hours. Plus they have a great online community of women!

4. Black Girl In Om

Black Girl In Om is an amazing “space for women of color to breathe easy.” They’re mission is to promote holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color by encouraging self-love, self-care, and self-empowerment for communities of color. With an incredible team of women of color, their website is full of great articles and you can sign up for their sweet newsletter that will bring this magical light right to your inbox. Specifically, check out their interview with Ev’Yan Whitney, “The Sexual Liberated Woman: Bodly Reclaiming Our Bodies with Ev’Yan Whitney.”

5. Sex Love Liberation

female sexual liberation

Speaking of Ev’Yan Whitney! Ev’Yan story is one that many women can relate to. She carried feelings of shame, guilt, and distaste for sex due to oppressive beliefs generated from religion and learned self-censoring. She invites readers and learners to join her on her sexual liberation journey. Ev’Yan has made it her mission to use her story to awaken and inspire the erotic nature in all of us.

6. Hannah Witton’s Youtube Channel

Hannah Witton is the funny, super open and relatable, witty British friend we all need in our lives. Hannah covers topics all the way from sex & relationships, to periods to her life with a Stoma bag to her travels and a super funny segment called “Drunk Advice.” Hannah is inclusive, eloquent, awkward, funny, and informative all at once. If you want to just learn about different elements of sex and feel like you’re just hanging with your friend, she’s one to watch.

7. Raquel Savage, Sex Coach and Host of Podcast “The Savage Life”

Raquel Savage is the bold sex coach we all need in our lives. With a strong upbringing from her grandmother who was a sexuality educator, Raquel has always held true to that same feminist spirit of sexual agency, education, and body autonomy while moving it progressively and boldly forward. Her podcast The Savage Life delves into sex & social stigmas and subject matters that others might push underneath the rug.

Remember that wherever you are in your sexual journey and whatever your relationship is with sex, that’s okay. What you want and don’t want from sex and relationships is okay! We wish you love and light on YOUR sexual journey.

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