A Period-Proof Bathing Suit?

It’s almost summer! And while we cannot wait for the sunshine and longer days, we’re a little less excited about shopping for a new swimsuit. Swimsuit shopping can be rough. It’s seriously like solving a Rubik’s Cube and completing a Sudoku all in one. You need to find a suit that you can afford, makes you feel confident, and keeps you feeling comfortable. It’s a freaking big list!

But, finding (or wearing) a swimsuit when we have our period becomes infinitely harder. Aunt Flow just says no to white bottoms….

But luckily, one brand is fighting to solve this dilemma. Pantyprop, a company that specializes in period panties, just released a swimwear version. With their panties, you basically place a pad in the crotch area, which sort of looks like a hammock for the pad. It keeps it securely in place while you go about your day. The swimsuit version works exactly the same way.

Aunt Flow just says no to white bottoms….

Now, this only really works if you opt for pads instead of tampons (or if you want the extra coverage of a pad in addition to your swim tampon – which I sometimes do!). If you’re really freaked about wearing a pad in the water – don’t be. The thing is that pads are actually designed to absorb liquid, so as long as you change it often, going into the water isn’t an issue. And, with Pantyprop, you can have the peace of mind that that pad isn’t going ANYWHERE.

PantyProp Bathing SuitThe best part is that they really do look just like normal swimsuit bottoms. So don’t worry about looking like you’re wearing a diaper to the beach!

Ahh…periods. You are the worst. But with new products likes these, at least we can have dope and stylish options! Keep on through the Crimson Tide, my sisters.