Baylee Pfister Is An Athlete To Watch

Baylee Pfister

The landscape of women’s fitness is changing. It’s no longer just about looking lean for lean’s sake. It’s about being strong, listening to what your body needs and spreading body positivity. No one exemplifies this more than Baylee Pfister.

Still in her early-twenties, Baylee has already started making a name for herself. Take a moment and scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll see her dedication to herself and to GoFigure, the personal training company she started with her best friend Jenna Homsey. Baylee takes time to post inspirational quotes, meal ideas, and love for her clients.

I know it might sound cliché, but It is so rewarding to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.  I feel blessed everyday knowing that my job is my passion.”

Baylee has always been athletic. At age 4 she pursued t-ball to be like her big brother Bryce. After spending time playing and coaching softball, she “turned in her bat for a leotard and became a gymnast.”

At the age of 8, Baylee was lucky enough to find her true passion in competitive cheer. “I followed through with it and even cheered at Northern Arizona University where I won a National Title.”

With such an extensive involvement in sports it would be ridiculous to question whether or not Baylee is an athlete. Yet she consistently faced such comments during the 14 years she was involved with competitive cheer.

Cheerleading has time and time again faced criticism and claims that it isn’t a sport. Take Baylee’s word for it- cheerleading is no joke.

“Nobody respected cheerleaders or even considered it a sport. I could hold people, my weight, above my head, I tossed girls 20-25 feet in the air, I fought gravity as I did multiple backflips in a row.”

Anyone being told they are not something they’ve worked their ass off to be would be frustrated. Baylee of course became frustrated, but she didn’t let it phase her. She never does anything in hopes of getting someone else’s approval. Following her passion was enough.

I know my SPORT is tough because it has framed the physique I have today.”

It’s no surprise with a history like this that Baylee would go on to become a personal trainer and compete in a Powerlifting Competition where she broke six state records. Not to toot Baylee’s horn for her but, toot toot.

Anyone looking to get in shape, gain confidence, or prep for competitions would be a fool not to seek out GoFigure. Talk to Baylee for a minute or less about her business and her enthusiasm is immediately evident. I can only assume her business partner Jenna is the same.

Baylee may not have set plans to compete in the future, but she isn’t completely ruling out the possibility. For now, she plans to help as many people as possible through GoFigure and with hopes of opening her own gym.

To any current or aspiring female athletes, Baylee has a few words of advice you need to hear:

Only you stand in your way. Nobody matters except you, your coach, and your goals. People who aren’t in your sport may not understand what you are going through and why. Don’t let other people stop you from performing at your best.”

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