Your Beauty Is Defined By YOU

your beauty is defined by you

Beauty is everywhere, we see it everyday. In every being, every environment, every wonderful thing we encounter in this life. From the grass growing on the ground, to the birds flying above the trees. Beauty is there.

But for some, finding the ability to appreciate it all doesn’t come easily. Especially when it comes to their perception of self.

Each day that passes by, we are changing. Every day we wake, we are born again. We are evolving into something more than we ever were.

For many, it can be hard to appreciate the beauty that is present. For your perception of self, and the world around you, may not always be the same. With all that is present within society, it’s easy to understand why one’s opinion of self may easily be swayed by those outside influences. Especially when the pressure of it is placed upon you daily.

It’s possible that one day you may find yourself feeling very confident about the beauty you believe you have, only to find yourself falling back and struggling entirely with your image the next. It happens to many of us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can overcome that battle that you may be facing and walk down a different trail. You don’t have to continue to fall into that repetitive cycle, you can defy it. You just have to have the willingness to try.

your beauty is defined by you

When all odds seem to be working against you, it tends to make your ability of self-love harder. It’s easy to become swept up into the un-realistic expectations that are placed upon you by others. Especially when it comes from people you initially cared about.

You see these expectations portrayed everywhere. It’s all around us. In the media, in magazines, on social media. “Look like this, not that.” “This is the perfect body, that’s not.” It’s always there. Celebrities push certain looks, many are body shamed, new diet trends are pushed. It’s encouraged. The pressure always seems to be on.

your beauty is defined by you

But why let them win? Why should you continue to walk through life allowing these by-standers to control and steer you away from truly seeing and appreciating the beauty of all that you truly hold? Why must you continue to allow this to become your way of thinking, your way of life?

It’s simple. You shouldn’t. The pressures of society will always be there. The outside influences will continue to weigh on you throughout your life-span, it won’t just go away. But it’s ultimately your choice to defy those odds, stay true to who you are, and embrace the beauty that you do have. Or, fall flat, give in, and allow whatever society and others have to say about you define who You are. The only person who can truly define who you are, is you.

The pressure will always seem high, but it ultimately boils down to your willingness to give into it all, or to rise above it and map out your own journey.

You are your own kind of beautiful. Even when others try to say you are not, you are.

Just because you don’t look exactly like that model, does not mean that you cease to exist. It does not mean that your beauty does not shine just as bright as another’s may.

Each of us are uniquely molded and shaped just the way we are for some reason or another. Your beauty does not compare to hers, and hers does not compare to you.

You are your own person. You are beautiful in your own way. See that, embrace that, and learn to live by it.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop falling into that trap of comparison, and start empowering. Stop allowing yourself to be overruled by how you perceive yourself simply because of what “society’s standards” may be, or what another person may think.

Don’t allow the influence of social media, or magazines, or even the media sway your perception. Own your beauty. And empower others to do the same.

your beauty is defined by you

Society and all that lie within it, is a product of what/who you are surrounded by. But it isn’t who you are. It’s background noise. The standards of society, the negative voice of another, are mere outside opinions, so why listen?

If your listening to your radio and a song comes on that you don’t like, are you really going to force yourself to continue to listen to it? No, you take control and simply change the station.

If the “noises” that you hear do not align with who you are, change the frequency to something that does.  Re-gain control of your own life and surround yourself with those who uplift you and make you feel good about being you.

Don’t tune into a frequency that doesn’t align with who you are beyond. Be defiant, empower others, and defeat the standards that have been so mindlessly placed upon you from society, and everyone else. You hold beauty so allow yourself to see it. Be your own person.

your beauty is defined by you

No matter where you go in life, there is always going to be some sort of an outside influence. There will always be naysayers, and doubters. But if every single person allowed these to break them into someone they are not, do you really think anything would exist the way it does today?

Without those who rise above, stand apart from the crowd, and defy the odds, we would not have any influential people in the world. There would be no movements that have changed the world as we know it, there would be no diversity, the world would be divided.

Without diversity, without differences, the world would be dull. You make the world beautiful just by being you. Everything about you is unique and special just the way it is now. The beauty you hold should reflect the universe, and all you have lying within.

If you allow these outside influences to shift, alter, and ultimately control your perception, you will only end up failing, and leading an unhappy life.  Don’t be that girl. Defy the odds. 

You are You. Don’t allow these people, these standards to win. Defy them. Create your own, and simply allow yourself to truly embrace all that you are within and out. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, including you.

Stand apart from the crowd. Be different. Be who you truly are within, and shout it from the rooftops for all to hear.

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