Holy Guacamole! The Benefits of an Avocado Lifestyle

Avocado lifestyle

Is it a fruit? Vegetable?  A food with superpowers? Believe it or not, avocado is a fruit- more specifically, a single-seeded berry. Avocados contain healthy fat- monounsaturated- which lowers bad cholesterol. Wooo. This good-for-you fruit is versatile, making dishes taste amazing whether it be in dessert or vegetable salad, so we might as well conclude that it does indeed possess magical powers. Let’s check out the many varieties available for that avocado lifestyle.

Dessert. Let’s start with the sweet dishes because if an avocado features in it, it’s safe to assume that we can eat the “dessert” on any occasion, even breakfast. If you could see me right now, I’d be waving my hand in the air because yes, I have eaten an avocado dessert for breakfast before. More than once. And enjoyed it.

Mousse: One of my favorite dishes to eat (scratch that- devour) is avocado mousse. It’s so rich and decadent and the avocado provides creaminess that is evident in traditional mousses. And it is essential in this healthy sweet treat, as it provides volume and a smooth texture.

Brownies: In a previous Metiza article, Skylar Swope beautifully wrote about a delicious avocado brownie recipe. Listen to her because I can vouch that those brownies are wonderful. It’s even fun to fool friends and tell them about the secret ingredient after they boast about how good it tastes.

Sorbet: Avocado, lime, coconut milk, and sweetener is all you need to create this perfect cold dish. Plus, you can marvel at the beautiful color.

Popsicles: Even better, pop the avocado mixture into a popsicle mold. Fun for all ages to eat.

Breakfast. Since avocados are fruit, it can’t be weird to have this for the first meal of the day, right?avocado lifestyle baked with egg

Smoothie: Once again, a creamier texture is provided, providing a thicker smoothie substance. Any flavor combined with avocado is sure to be a hit.

Toast: The current rage is avocado toast. Perfect for a simple breakfast.

Baked egg in avocado: Avocado for breakfast is just upgraded to a whole new level with this recipe. I mean, an egg is cooked in an avocado. So cool.

Pancakes: Great nutrient provider. Some of the fat from butter or oil is reduced due to subbing in avocado. Talk about light, delicious batter.

Snacks/Side Dishes. Avocado makes an appearance in a variety of snacks and side dishes, fitting in perfectly each time. Guacamole: I can’t talk about avocados without mentioning guacamole. A perfect side dip for veggies or chips, guacamole is a go-to.

avocado lifestyleGrilled: Just like meat, avocado can get those nice char marks. You can even sprinkle some lemon or lime juice and top is with just about anything.

Fries: Stay with me on this one. Slice avocados into fry form, set up a flour bowl, an egg bowl, and a breadcrumb bowl. Choose desired spices, and bake! To make it funny, serve it with a sauce that has avocado in it. Double whammy!

Hummus: Hummus is da bomb. So you can only imagine what hummus plus avocado tastes like.

Vinaigrette: Not fancying seeing chunks of avocado in salad? Try a vinaigrette.

Lunch/Dinner. Once again, avocado takes over other meals of the day.

avocado lifestyleSoup: Yummy chilled soup for summertime. All ingredients are blended up to create smooth perfection.

Mac and cheese: Now, this isn’t literally avocado turned into pasta form. Rather, it’s in the sauce that creates this magical dish. Cheese included.

In a sandwich: The simple route is having mashed avocado in a sandwich

On top of salad: One of the more common uses are diced avocado in salad. Simple, easy, but you can’t go wrong.

Non-eating related avocado uses. Hold up. Avocado has been proven to pack extra deliciousness in any dish. However it is also beneficial in the world of skin and hair health.

avocado lifestyleFace mask: Yes, I’ve made a face mask out of avocado before. One mixture includes avocado, banana, and egg yolk. Avocado soothes skin, banana moisturizes, has anti-aging effects, and helps to treat acne. Egg yolk also helps with acne related issues and is especially great for people with dry skin, since it hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Hair mask: If your goal is to achieve smooth, shiny, hair, then an avocado mask is the fit for you. Plus, the hair is strengthened due to avocado’s moisturizing effects; hair is hydrated, and therefore split ends are limited.

Shaving cream: Once again, avocado moisturizes and softens skin. Softer hair = easier shave. The list can go on and on. Keep a daily storage of avocados in your house, because you never know when you will need it to complete a cookie, soup, or face mask.