The Health Benefits Of Vegetarianism

I’ve never given much thought of what I put into my body until I realized the actual effects. I’ve only eaten white meat throughout my life, but even that was not helping nourish my body. Waking up tired all the time and not having an effective metabolism led me to cut out meat for good. And it has made all the difference.

What Changed

I didn’t notice the changes right away. After a week passed, my body felt lighter. My metabolism sped up and I was able to digest my food. I had more energy to get through my day, which before, I would get tired after two hours. My body felt like it was working properly again.

Going plant based is anti-inflammatory because all those vegetables are high in antioxidants. Your skin will thrive and look better than ever before. It will also decrease your chances in getting inflamed muscles or joints.

Health Benefits

Saturated fat is mostly found in meat and too much of it will cause high cholesterol. By going plant based, it will lower down that percentage and increase your fiber. Type 2 diabetes is also a serious health concern that going plant based could help with. Red and processed meat can increase your risk in getting the disease. By eating more plants and whole grains, it can be highly protective and lessen your chances of getting it.

Cancer is another disease that you can help decrease your chances of. High levels of animal fat are proven to boost your risk. Meat consumption has been repeatedly linked to different forms of cancers.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help with weight loss. They are low in calories and make you feel full faster. This can help with obesity problems and decrease your chance of weight gain in the future.

Vegetarian diets are also proven to lower your risk of getting kidney stones and gallstones. With animal proteins, it makes the body excrete components that are responsible for urinary tract stones.


Helping The World 

You’ll make a huge impact on our planet if you go plant based. Much of our agriculture contributes to deforestation, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions. We use so much water to make just a pound of meat. It really makes you aware of how many resources you are using and what other things you could be using it for.

Taking out meat from your diet can be sustainable and help make our world a better place. It can decrease our carbon footprint because you are eating natural vegetables where as in meat, you need more energy to produce.

Just some things for you to think about when looking at your health and well-being. It’s important you put nourishing food in your body because that’s what gives you energy. What you eat is how you feel and I think putting the best foods into your body can make all the difference. Not saying you have to cut out meat, but do what’s best for you in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

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