Beyond Meat: The Plant-Based Protein Taking the World by Storm

If you haven’t heard of Beyond Meat by now, where have you been? From Del Taco to TGI Fridays and more, restaurants and retailers alike are all trying to get their hands on this product. But what’s really going on beyond the burger?

Story & Message

Speaking from experience, the Beyond Meat are some of the most convincing vegan mock-meats on the market. But how exactly did the franchise begin?

The story begins with founder Ethan Brown and his upbringing on a farm. As a young child he began contemplating the necessity of animal proteins. Read more on Brown’s upbringing here.

The main underlying motivation behind the Beyond Meat products is simple: “improving human health, positively impacting climate change, addressing global resource constraint, and improving animal welfare.”

Driven by these considerations, the Beyond Meat team began crafting state-of-the-art mock-meat products. The basis of their innovation was the idea that “meat is made up of four building blocks: protein, fat, trace minerals, and water.” From there, they simply sought out equivalents of those components in the plant world.

Ingredients & Products

While Beyond products are undoubtedly healthier than their meat counterparts, they’re still a highly processed food. Main ingredients include: water, pea protein isolate, canola oil, and refined coconut oil. For the rest of the components visit the Beyond Meat site.

One burger also hosts 250 calories, 18g of fat, no cholesterol, 390 mg of sodium, and 20g of protein.

The coolest part of the burger specifically is how it cooks. Fire up the grill just as you would for a traditional burger and cook to your desired doneness. The plant-based burger contains a pink center just as a normal one would and cooks just the same thanks to additives such as beet juice extract.

Beyond Meat sells products other than their world-famous burger as well. They have ground beef, various sausages, and beef crumbles.

Beyond Meat

Get Involved

Luckily, tons of restaurants and retailers worldwide stock these ground-breaking products. TGI Fridays, Burger Fi, Veggie Grill, Carl’s Jr, Safeway, and Food Lion are some of these locations to name a few.

To find a location near you, use this locator.

Beyond Meat just went public as well, meaning you can now invest in this ground breaking company. It was even the best performing first-day IPO in nearly two decades, according to Market Watch.

Check out how they’re doing on the market, here.

Whether you’re dabbling in the plant-based lifestyle, a die-hard vegan, or a ┬ácarnivore, give Beyond Meats a try. You’re helping the environment, your health, and sparing an animals life while you’re at it.

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