Ladies, We Have a Body Image Problem

Two hands holding an apple and a donut, body image hero

Let’s face it. Being a girl is hard. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to paint your nails every color under the rainbow, create infinite Pinterest boards, and spend literally the whole day shopping. But, we’ve got a major problem here, and it’s one that I’m sure nearly every girl has struggled with at one point or another in life. You guessed it: body image.

Magazines, television, music videos, and websites everywhere are blaring the body image message of being “thin” in order to be “pretty.” I put these two terms in quotations because they are not at all necessary to be put into a sentence together, nor are they related.

If you only look at models and magazines, it would make sense to think that thin is pretty, because it’s on the front page of nearly everything. That’s a problem right? Try this new diet, the exercise to finally be bikini ready, banish all carbs forever (by the way, pretty sure that’s a form of torture). The list goes on forever. I’m here to tell you that all of this is so unnecessary, and it is time to be an example to every girl out there that life does not revolve around “being thin,” and all body types should be celebrated.

I can remember feeling bad about my body as early as age 11.

I’ll be honest. I totally bought into all of the diet speak, and I severely regret what it did to my body image. I can remember feeling bad about my body as early as age 11, and to think back on it breaks my heart. So much of my time and energy for years was spent on counting calories, trying to exercise to lose weight, and stepping on the scale compulsively. I am now 20 years old, and it was only about half a year ago that I was able to break my bad habits and start living my life regret free. Problem solved…or at least getting there.

I have a curvy body type, and guess what? I love it. I celebrate it. Instead of passing up on birthday cake at a party just to munch on celery sticks, I join in on the festivities. If I’m going out to dinner later, I don’t try and not eat the whole day before just to “save calories.” Girls, I can’t explain the amount of weight that is lifted off of my shoulders now that I’ve abandoned this poisonous frame of mind.

The coolest part about humans is that none of us are exactly the same.

The coolest part about humans is that none of us are exactly the same. People are not identical, and we are all made up a little differently. Whether curvy, thin, athletic, short, tall, or anything else, we are all beautiful and unique

My challenge to you is to stop worrying so much about your body image, how much you weigh, and so on. We aren’t problems to solve, we are solutions for each other. Look in the mirror every single morning and start off with a compliment to yourself. Say it out loud, and take it in.

Think about all of the things you do love about yourself, and dwell on those ideas.

Think deeper than just the outside: Consider what you love, what you’re passionate about, and what you’re good at. Share your wonderful self with everyone, and most of all, feel pretty everyday, because you are.

#MetizaTip: For some daily body image inspo, we suggest following Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda), girl knows what’s up – plus her hair game is on point!