Why Bras Are Horrible According to Lilly Singh

Bras are horrible on a dryign line

Well it’s official, Lilly Singh gets us. She came out today and proudly announced to the world of YouTube that she (like most of us) Does. Not. Like Bras. Because, wait for it, bras are horrible.

She goes into all kinds of depth as to why bras are the worst including, but not limited to: the overwhelming task of shopping for bras,  the impracticality of neon lace, and how crazy expensive they are! Why, why, why can’t this be an enjoyable piece of clothing? Especially since so many of us wear them on the daily. We don’t know Lilly, we don’t know. Watch her video and enjoy a good laugh-cry over how real the struggle is. Enjoy!

For more from Lilly, check our her YouTube channel Superwoman.