Who Needs the Gym When You have a Chair!

Workout chair at a desk

Healthy body, higher energy, and reduce stress? Exercise! Reduce fatigue and pain associated with the devil that cramps  your style every 28 days? Exercise! With busy schedules, most of us don’t have time to go to the gym daily and bust out an hour­-long workout. So let’s talk about three quick, easy workouts you can complete in the comfort of your dorm room, bedroom, or apartment on busy nights. No weights or high-tech equipment required, only a chair! Just 10 minutes each day can reap major benefits and leave you feelin’ good.

First, grab a sturdy chair and not one that rolls or swivels, danger there. The first exercise is a chair dip, which are fabulous for your triceps, back, and shoulder muscles. By doing just 20 of these, my back is always super sore the next day. Look out Michelle Obama, I’m coming for you. Position yourself facing away from the chair, and grab the two corners with your hands. Extend your legs a bit, and use your arms to push yourself up and down using the chair as an anchor. You should end up looking like this:
Chair dip workoutIf you’ve been sitting and studying for hours and are starting to just feel icky, hop up and use the chair you were sitting in to do some dips and get your blood flowing again. They make me feel strong, and remind me I’m capable of toning myself without using weights.

Loathe doing push ups on the ground? Use a chair to make them a bit easier but still awesome for a workout and contributing to muscle toning. Position yourself facing the back of the chair, and put your arms on the corners. Extend your legs so your entire body is in a line diagonal to the chair, and use the corners to push your body up and down. If you position yourself correctly, you should end up looking like this:
Chair pushup workoutChair push­ ups do a great job of working out your upper body without the difficulty and grossness of a floor push-up. If you do the workout correctly, you’ll be able to really feel it burn your upper arms and chest. Alternate between dips and push ­ups, and find yourself feeling both sore and satisfied the next day. Boom! Progress!

For the last exercise, let’s workout our legs. Time for the infamous and ironically named butt-­toning floor exercise known as donkey kicks. Just like push ­ups, I hate doing donkey kicks on the ground. I feel gross and also a bit silly on my hands and knees flailing my legs into the air. Using the chair makes them both less gross and more fun for me, win! Grab the corners of the back of the chair, face forward, and simply alternate each leg, kicking them back. I usually try to do 20 per leg. Try to use the chair only for balance, don’t apply pressure to it,  keeping your feet shoulder-­width apart. This is great for your upper leg muscles, mostly your glutes (Build that Beyonce booty). They both round and strengthen your muscles.Leg chair workoutDonkey kicks in general are a great way to beat the generic squat-­and-­lunge workout that most people bust out on leg day. By using a chair, and staying at home, they’re made easier yet still effective!