Companies Changing the Period Game Worldwide


It’s about time that women’s health becomes normalized in our day-to-day lives. No more hiding tampons, “she must be on her period” jokes, or hush-hush roundabouts to contraception. Thankfully, there are tons of companies and movements who feel the same way.


This is THE simplest way to get your desired form of birth control. You simply select what method you would like (or meet with a doctor to decide which type is best for you), answer general health questions including blood pressure measurements, and enter your demographic information.

If you have health insurance, then your birth control is free and will be shipped directly to your home free of charge. If not, then the price of birth control starts at $15 per pack.


From essential oils to relieve cramping and 100% cotton pads and tampons to condoms, LOLA is your one-stop shop for your period and sex needs.

Additionally, you can customize a subscription for yourself at your desired frequency and include any combination of their period and sex products.

They also help donate menstrual products to those in need and have donated 100,000 products to low-income individuals across the U.S.

Aunt Flow

Similar to LOLA, Aunt Flow is a monthly subscription box with 100% cotton tampons and pads. You can customize your box with tampons and pads varying in absorbency.

The best part of Aunt Flow, however, is their buy-one, give-one policy. Every time you buy a box, they donate one to organizations in the USA that support “menstruators in need.”


Be Girl

Co-founder Diana Sierra began Be Girl after discovering while working in Uganda that far too many girls were forced to drop out of school once they got their periods because they didn’t have any way to manage them.

Currently, Be Girl sends their menstrual products to 250 million girls worldwide. These products include period panties that can last for two years, reusable pads, and both a clock-necklace and app that assists girls in learning about and monitoring their periods regardless of their resources.

Moon Cycle Bakery

Crave cookies, chocolates, or other sweets during that time of the month? Moon Cycle Bakery understands.

This bakery sends you delicious baked goods based upon when your expected cycle is. You simply create an account on their website where they will ask you what flavors you like, any allergies, and other questions to ascertain the perfect assortment of treats for you.

You can purchase a one-time order, monthly subscription, 6-month subscription, or annual plan.

Not only are there goodies delicious, but they also ensure to include the most natural ingredients that promote hormone-balance. Most of their products are also gluten and dairy free and there are options for vegans as well.


Ruby Cup

Menstrual cups are still emerging as an option for menstruating individuals. Ruby Cup delivers medical-grade silicone menstrual cups with a buy-one, give-one policy. So, every menstrual cup that is purchased, another is given to a girl in Africa. You can also simply donate if you don’t wish to purchase one for yourself.

Not only are you helping girls worldwide in taking control over their cycles, but through using a menstrual cup you are reducing significant amounts of waste you produce using tampons and pads each month.


Perhaps the original period-proof underwear, THINX functions as a replacement or back-up to traditional menstrual products. They offer all styles of underwear from hi-waist to thongs and boyshorts. They even have unitards, leotard, and athletic shorts. Each product holds between ½ – 2 tampons worth.  You can even build a set for your personal cycle.

THINX also now offers period sex blankets and traditional tampons.

Furthermore, this amazing company includes educational programs that go into schools, afterschool programs, and nonprofit organizations. They teach girls about their bodies. In 2018-2019 they hope to “serve all genders and build a diverse coalition of fearless leaders.”

So far, THINX has donated 5,712 pairs of their underwear to girls worldwide and actively donate to programs supporting underprivileged individuals with periods, such as survivors of domestic violence, refugees, and the homeless.

The Pill Club

Similar to Nurx, this company provide home-delivery of birth control products at the cost of insurance with free delivery. They have licensed medical providers that can write year-long prescriptions in certain states.

What separates The Pill Club from the rest is the other products added in their monthly shipments. They partner with compatible companies and add different products to each of your shipments. Some of the products they have sent include chocolate, lube, condoms, tampons, and various beauty products.


Instead of buying your typical over-priced menstrual products at the drug store this month, or facing the quite judgement of your pharmacist when you pick up the pill, try one of these services out. Support the new movement in women’s health positivity worldwide!

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