Revealing The Incredible Possibilities For An Extraordinary 2018


Our days (and therefore our lives) are shaped by what we believe. Believe you have an opportunity, and you’ll find it. Believe you’re blocked, and everything reinforces that feeling. It’s trite to say “mindset is a choice,” but it’s not wrong.

If 2017 was about a reckoning, 2018 is going to be about what we make from that reckoning.

What do you have in front of you right now? This isn’t about what could be – it’s about what is. This is the platform from which all greatness can be born. You don’t have to be anywhere else. You don’t have to be anyone else. You don’t need more money, more followers or more intelligence to change the world. You just need the openness to consider, to imagine, to believe that maybe, possibly you could.

Experiment with the ritual below as many times as you need this year. Revisit it any time you feel blocked and need to remember that there is possibility in the here and now. And when you’re ready to tap into it, don’t be surprised when the doorways bust open.

Where to start? Essential oils to focus your energy and meditation, and some epic intuitive writing.
Find Presence and Open Your “Spirit Gate”

Using the Dream.Set.Make. Signature Dream blend (or any of your own lavender, lemon or bergamot essential oils), place a tiny amount on the tips of your pointer or middle fingers. Lightly connect your fingers to the top, inside part of your ear where you feel the little divot.

This is what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls your “Spirit Gate.” It helps to harmonize, balance and bring your energy into focus. Take a few deep breaths here. You may hear your stomach gurgle, feel your shoulders drop or feel a swirl of energy coming in toward the center of your head. Hold the point for about 60 seconds and release.

Breathe into The Question

Depending on where you are in your meditation practice, you can either take 5-15 minutes and sit still or meditate. Try framing those minutes with this question:

In 2018, what needs to be revealed for me to meet the year with an open, inspired heart?

After you ask, let the question go. Don’t try to answer it, just get quiet. If you mind wanders, don’t worry. You’re normal. Just come back to the breath.

Answer The Epic Questions with Intuitive Writing

Without thinking or lifting you pen off the page, take these series of questions and intuitively answer them. Let the answers flow to you. Do not stop writing until you’re done.

  1. What are the possibilities right in front of my face
  2. What possibilities have I ignored that I could now bring to life?
  3. What strength am I ready to own this year?
  4. What blockage has served its purpose and is ready to be released?
  5. Who are my creative cohorts?
  6. What is working in my favor?
  7. What opportunities are mine alone?
  8. If I were acting from my bravest self, I would…

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