Pumpkin Spice Up Some Clean Fall Food Choices

fall food choices

Fall is upon us! This means gorgeous leaves, cozy sweaters, and warm coffee mugs. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of its exceptional beauty and the delicious foods served in this time of year. Fall brings us pumpkin spice everything, maple, turkey, cranberries, and the desire for a warm, comforting meal. However, Fall is never the time to give up on eating right to nourish your body and soul.

Some of the most adored Fall food choices are also the most detrimental to your health. For example, a typical Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte packs 13 grams of fat, and 49 grams of sugar. That’s more fat and sugar than and average donut!

Don’t fear, though! You can still enjoy delicious Fall fare without sabotaging your health. There’s a wide variety of autumnal foods that are healthy and still delicious just waiting to be discovered. Here are some of the best, and easiest, fall food choices to improve your diet this season.

Add in some pumpkin!

Pumpkin is the quintessential Fall food, and it is packed full of nutritional goodness. Low in calories but filled with antioxidants, this basic Fall staple is a total superfood! Make sure to use unsweetened pumpkin if you’re making something yourself, and be careful with pre-made pumpkin dishes.

Like the pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin-flavored foods can be refined sugar/fat bombs in hiding. Pumpkin bread, for instance, tends to be made with white flour, which can wreak havoc on your digestive system, and pumpkin cakes/muffins are often heavy with refined sugar and artificial colors.

Swap out your potato for a sweet potato.

Not only are sweet potatoes absolutely delicious, they also are one of the best simple carbs you can eat. Enjoying a sweet potato will help keep your energy up and a smile on your face! Sweet potatoes can be used especially diversely, too. Cubed sweet potatoes make a lovely addition to a breakfast scramble. Or check out this sweet potato toast trick!

Baked sweet potato fries are a great way to satisfy a craving for an unhealthy fast food alternative while fueling yourself with unrefined carbohydrates from whole food. And a baked sweet potato can be topped with an infinite variety of things, from olive oil to Greek yogurt. Try this amazing sweet potato toast trick for ideas.

Be careful with your coffee.

Fall can’t be Fall without a warm latte, right? However, that delicious drink could be loaded with sugar, cream, and artificial ingredients. But don’t dismay: you can avoid this health disaster by swapping whole milk for a healthier alternative (my personal favorite is coconut milk) and trading sugary syrups for flavors made from real food. Also, skip the whip, and buy from a coffee shop you trust to use pure, natural ingredients.

Enjoy a soup.

Soups can be full of a virtually unlimited variety of nutrients! Also, due to their liquid nature, soups are full of a particularly important nutrient: water! Eating (or drinking) soup can help fill your stomach and leave you feeling satisfied. Some of the best soups out there are easily prepared, such as Cedar Lane Vegetable Barley Soup, which provides whole grains and vegetables of every color.

Another great soup can be found at Costco stores-Kirkland Chicken Tortilla Soup is packed with lean chicken breast and tomatoes, which provide ample vitamin C and 6 grams of protein per cup. The company Amy’s offers almost any soup option you can think of, all organic, healthy, and premade.

Know how to treat your sweet tooth.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up the foods you love. There are hundreds and hundreds of just as scrumptious swaps for unhealthy foods. For example, switching to a whole wheat crust on your pumpkin pie rather than a white flower one is surprisingly easy, and despite what you might think, it doesn’t change the taste at all.

Devouring a bran or oatmeal muffin instead of a sugary one makes the snack taste richer and will help keep you feeling full. Companies such as Great Harvest Bread Company offer whole wheat, minimally sweetened baked goods that are just as scrumptious as unhealthier alternatives.

If you like ice cream, Halo Top Creamery, Enlightened, and Arctic Zone can be found in almost supermarkets and grocery stores and give the same creamy taste as conventional ice cream with up to 75% less calories, higher protein, minimal fat, and little to no sugar.

Noosa yogurt offers several Fall flavors of their rich, creamy, and sweet yogurt that mimic the essence of pie à la mode.

fall food choices fall food choices


Fall is an amazing season to fuel your body. With these simple tips, you can have the right nutrition to conquer your life.