Female Vegan Influencers Redefining Fitness

We’ve seen the countless male vegan body builders, endurance runners, and professional athletes. But, amongst these men are tons of women defining what it means to be plant-powered.  Follow these female vegan athletes inspiring health, strength, and empowerment at every turn.

Bianca Taylor


I first discovered Bianca last year and am so happy that I did. Not only is she insanely strong physically but she constantly preaches the importance of emotional vulnerability as well. She’s transparent with her own mental health issues and past with disordered eating.

Another thing I love about Bianca is her contagious confidence. She isn’t afraid to be strong and confident in a world that often shames women for doing so.

You can find more on her story, and great interviews with others on her podcast, Badass Babe Radio

Maddie Lymburner


From travel vlogs to delicious recipes, Maddie posts a lot more than just fitness content. She hails the benefits of plant-based foods for the body, mind, and soul. I love her infectious optimism and willingness to share her story.

You can access her workouts, cookbooks, and YouTube channel here.

Stefanie Moir

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ABS! Can we appreciate the thickness I am slowly forming on this bulk, hello baby muscles and welcome to my body. Training abs here and there to help build them out as the rest of my body builds to keep consistency! Link in my bio to join my 12 week challenge complete with my workout and nutrition guide @veganaestheticscommunity 💙 Next challenge launches 11th October : signup in my bio today and use the exclusive code “FALL19” for 10% off!🌱Make sure to like and save this video to add these exercises into your next workout 💪🏼 (Weights are in KG). . 1. Weighted rope crunch 3 x 12-15 2. Hanging leg raises 3 X 10-12 3. Barbell rollouts 3 X 10-12 4. Dumbbell crunch (not full sit up) 3 X 10-12 . Link in my bio to join my 12 week challenge complete with my workout and nutrition guide @veganaestheticscommunity 💙 Next challenge launches 11th October : signup in my bio today🌱 . Wearing @gymsharkwomen @gymsharktrain #gymsharktrain #abs #workoutvideos #workout #workoutmotivation #coreworkout #abworkout

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Another great resource for workouts and delicious vegan food, Stefanie also has a subscription-based workout service, Vegan Aesthetics.

Anna Winstone

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Dreamy bowl of Chocolate PEANUT BUTTER Oats this morning; very needed after an early morning cycle + a gym session! SWIPE for the meltz + post melt mess 😍 This beaut bowl packs 20g + of protein but doesn’t use any protein powder so perfect if you don’t have any, have run out (you know where to find the best 🤪💁🏻‍♀️) or don’t like it! (Don’t understand the last point just saying….😂) – PERFECT start to the day….or for lunch…or dinner 😅🌱 ✨ RECIPE ~ makes 1 bowl of YUM — 50g oats • 1/4 grated courgette • 200ml soya milk • tbsp flaxseed ➡️ microwave for 2.5 mins ➡️15g @pbfit.uk • 10g @iswariireland_uk cacao powder • tbsp @munch.abunch crunchy peanut butter (makes it SO THICCXC + creamy 😍) – mix with water into a thick paste ➡️ stir into oats + microwave for 1 minute 👌• ✨ Topped with fresh berries (treat yo self) + @lindtuk 85% + salt (game changer) 🌱 • • • • #oatbowl #oatporn #chocolatemelt #cacao #lindt #oatmeal #porridgeaddict #healthybreakfast #complexcarbs #postworkout #veganpostworkout #foodisfuel #veganstudent #peanutbutteraddict #chocolatepeanutbutter #berries #highproteinbreakfast #highproteinvegan #veganprotein #proats #zoats #veganmealprep #veganiifym #plantbasedgains #brunch #veganbrunch

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Not only is she a master of oats, Anna Winstone is also completely hilarious. She’s currently a student a exemplifies a lifestyle that’s not unrealistic, like many other influencers.

Moreover, Anna shares easy, delicious recipes anyone can make on her YouTube channel and Instagram. Anna always give me a laugh with her sarcasm and understanding of student-struggles.

Natalie Matthews 

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self-con·fi·dence noun ⋄ A feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment. ⋄ I'm confident that I am doing everything in my power to set myself up for an epic second season as an IFBB Pro. I'm confident in all stages of life. I'm confident in doing what is right for me and not choosing anyone else's path but mine. ⋄ I challenge you to be confident NOW 💪🏽and tell yourself a positive thought or a compliment. I believe that words have a significant impact on the way that we view ourselves…we attract what we say, so don't self-sabotage and be kind to 💕you. ⋄ SENDING YOU A HUGE 🤗HUG!😘 ☟ Share in the comments something you are confident about today. ⋄ Fueled by: @livbody | FitVegan20

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Natalie Matthews is a total beast. She not only is an IFBB pro, but she also is a chef. Natalie graduated in 2016 from the Living Light Culinary Institute as a Raw Chef and Raw Pastry Chef. So, you know her recipes are top notch.

Beyond that, she is a fantastic role model for hard work, self-confidence, and fueling yourself properly in every way.

Check out all her resources here.

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