The Best Way to Impress on a Date? Food Facts.

Pink Sprinkle Donut Food Facts

Need some spice in your life? I’m not talking about love (although that would be nice), but about truly weird and crazy facts about nutrition that will make you step back and go WHOA! I did a little research, and this is the best of the best in  outrageous food facts. Never again will you have a boring conversation.

Hand holding soda can pouring in metaphor of sugar content, food fact 1
Share a coke with your BFF. Actually, think twice next time a Coca Cola commercial airs. You might want to sit down for this: a 20 oz bottle of this soda holds a record 65 grams of sugar. To put this into perspective, that’s filling 1.77 shot glasses with straight sugar (2.43 oz).
Mcdonalds burger and fries, food fact 2
Holla at McDonald’s for employing 1 in every 8 Americans. Ya, I know; it’s crazy! Take an average classroom size of 30. That’s almost four of your own peers that will end up at Micky D’s, if they haven’t already. Are you next? A total of 75 McDonald’s hamburgers are purchased every second, adding up to 6.5 million a day and 2.5 billion a year. Holy cow! Tip: Do not order the Caesar salad, as it is more fattening than their hamburger. It’s that dressing that takes away the healthiness of a salad.
Nutella Baked Goods, food fact 3
Move over peanut butter, because Nutella is here. The craze for this hazelnut spread is so intense that the huge Great Wall of China could be covered 8 times with Nutella jars, just from one year of sales. This company is so successful that it uses around 25% of the world supply of hazelnuts.
Different types of pasta, food fact 4
Which pasta shape is your favorite? I love the shells and the spirals. However, I have not been exposed to all the different shapes, so I’m really missing out. There are over 350 different pasta shapes around the world. What makes this even cooler is that many Italians have insisted that the selected pasta shape can taste different than another. So I would make a logical inference and say that yes, the mac and cheese ninja turtles do taste slightly different than the original. You aren’t imagining that.
Green Apples, food fact 5
If you wanted to wake up in the morning, would you choose coffee or an apple? You might be thinking this is a trick question because coffee has been known to be a morning energizer. Well, apples actually diminish the sleepies better than coffee due to its high level of fructose. Also? We all know and love the famous apple bobbing game during Halloween. When apples are fresh, their composition is made up of 25% air, hence the reason to their floating.This fact might’ve changed my life forever. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the stickers on fruit are edible!!! My mind is actually blown.
Lucky Charms Cereal, food fact 6
A favorite sugary cereal is Lucky Charms. What really sells the deal are those marshmallows. They are important enough that they have their own name: Marbits.
Bag of Popcorn, food fact 7
My fave food definitely deserves a fun fact or two. Popcorn was the first food to be used in a microwave. Popping this wonderful food is also the number one use for a microwave- after all, most microwaves have their own “popcorn” button. In the 1800s, popcorn was eaten as a breakfast cereal by Americans. I say that we should bring this tradition alive again.
Gluten Free Grains, food fact 8
This fact goes out to all my Celiac friends. A whopping 1 in every 133 people have… you guessed it, Celiac disease. That’s .75% of the population. And that’s not all. For all of those Americans who do have Celiac, 83% of them are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Bonus gluten-free fact: SMH (shaking my head- social media lingo) because gluten-free products on average are 242% higher priced than regular food products.

Next time conversation dwindles to awkward silence, throw one of these food facts out there! Hey, it might actually help in love affairs. #WhatToTalkAboutOnADate

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