Overcoming Disordered Eating & Other Truth Bombs with Healthy Grocery Girl

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We tracked down our favorite YouTube nutrition sensation, Megan Roosevelt of Healthy Grocery Girl. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a go-to guide to shop, cook, eat and live a healthy life. So much goodness to be found and words of wisdom to share.

Megan, can you share with our Metiza Community how you first started getting involved in nutrition?

MR: I struggled with disordered eating when I was in high school & college. Learning about nutrition, health & wellness helped me recover and transition away from the unhealthy habits I had developed. My faith also helped me feel loved & confident with who I am, which was also important in my healing process.

The path to become a Registered Dietitian is hard work. Math and science classes were really hard for me. However, I was very passionate about health & wellness & always felt that the journey to becoming an RD was sort of like survival of the fittest. Registered Dietitians are true nutrition experts, not just enthusiasts. Many dietitians go on to work in hospitals and have very technical jobs!

What inspired the “Healthy Grocery Girl” idea?

MR: I wanted to create a career and lifestyle that I loved. I always have new, creative ideas & working for yourself you can implement ideas immediately. When I was young I constantly had new business ideas & I would convenience my best friends to join me. I have always had big ideas and believed that I could achieve my dreams if I worked hard enough for them. My grandparents and parents were also entrepreneurs, which helped me see that you could be successful going your own way.

Because of my background with disordered eating I also wanted to help others overcome their health problems. I know how frustrating it is to be sick & struggle with body image issues. It’s a true joy to hear from our viewers, members & clients that the work we do has helped them achieve a healthy lifestyle that they truly enjoy!

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You mentioned your background in disordered eating. How do you maintain a healthy approach to loving the body you have.

MR: I remind myself that what I look like does not determine my self-worth. I also remind myself that it’s natural to have moments where we feel bloated, we have acne, we feel frumpy or nothing seems to fit right. In my past I let myself turn a bad moment into a bad day or bad week! Today I remind myself that frustrating times do pass, and that my attitude determines how long I remain in the bad and frustrating times! I can allow it to bother me, or I can focus on the positive. There is always something to be grateful for.

When we are young we want to be accepted and liked by those around us. As we grow older we often become more comfortable with who we are. The sooner we accept ourselves and embrace who we are, the less we need approval from others to feel good or happy. Daily focus on the positive and speaking kind words to yourself even if you don’t feel like it makes all the difference.

There are many healthy foodies, nutrition and wellness innovators out there. It can be overwhelming for sure. How does your nutritional approach differ from the rest?

MR: I like to say that “I am not the everything home-made girl” meaning that while it is great and incredibly healthy to grow your own food and make everything from scratch, I do not see that as realistic for everyone. At Healthy Grocery Girl we want to help everyone live a healthier life, but I would say our main customer base is the average, busy person looking to improve their health through simple and easy recipes and lifestyle changes.

Nutrition is also not one-size-fits-all & we embrace that.

We don’t obsess over trends. Instead we keep it simple by focusing on eating real food, mostly plants. Nutrition is also not one-size-fits-all and we embrace that.

Healthy Grocery Girl is a Nutrition & Video Production Company. We have our website, YouTube Channel and we create videos for a range of clients. There are very few Registered Dietitians who host in videos and are also the production company! Healthy Grocery Girl is also the #1 Family Friendly Dietitian Channel on YouTube. So I would say our videos is really a key factor that sets us apart.

Megan Roosevelt Healthy Grocery Girl Making Nutrition Smoothie
Random: what did you have for breakfast?

MR: Today I had smoothie, which is what I do most days. It’s quick!

We all know what a challenge growing up, being a young woman in today’s society can be. Did you ever have that “ah-ha” moment where you knew what you wanted to do with your life?

MR: I definitely had a moment where I realized that I wanted to work for myself. I realized that no one was going to hand me my dream career. If I had a goal it is up to me to work hard and achieve it. My passions however have continually changed over time. Today I no longer feel pressure to have it all figured out. I allow myself and our business to evolve naturally; we do what feels right for us in the season we are in.

Who are your role models? Are they the same as when you grew up?

MR: I look up to a number of women for different reasons. Lucille Ball for being fearless & the first woman CEO of a major television and movie production company. Eleanor Roosevelt (I’m related to her!) for her work as a humanitarian, her strength, passion and determination to do new and great things. Joanna Gaines for her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to her faith as a person in the public eye. Those are just a few!

My advice would be to do your best to eat healthy choices, however allow yourself to be human.

Back to school can be a tricky for healthy food options. How do you suggest keeping your food choices positive in the challenging atmosphere of cafeterias and college campuses? Freshman 15 is no joke, right?

MR: I gained weight my freshman year of college so I definitely understand the struggle college kids go through as they transition to eating on campus and away from home. My advice would be to do your best to eat healthy choices, however allow yourself to be human. No one eats perfect all of the time. Maintaining an active lifestyle is also great for our health overall! First week of school join a sport/club, find a fitness buddy or a good running route. This will become crucial for not only your physical health but your mental as well.

Here at Metiza we try to encourage an act of Kindness a day. How do you keep positive energy going in your world?

MR: Because so much of our work is online, I try and leave kind comments daily on people’s videos and social posts. I also work on being kind to myself by eating well, getting enough sleep, saying no to things that stress me out and always strive to be accepting and grateful for who I am and where I am in life.



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