Six Reasonable and Healthy Resolutions To Try


Some of us prefer not to make resolutions, or keep an open ended mindset. For those of us that like the specific goal setting, here are a few thoughts. New Year’s resolutions have a tendency to fail. In fact, most resolutions fail by February! Despite our best intentions, a resistance to major change is the culprit behind this major resolution-ditching. We cling to our habits and what we know, and making huge changes like resolutions defies this instinct.

Luckily, by setting the right type of resolution, we can avoid this problem! Setting reasonable goals and picking habits to improve upon is much more sustainable than trying to change an entire area of life.

Here are six health resolutions that are actually achievable:

Eat more fruits: fruits are nutritional powerhouses, packed with every vitamin under the moon. They also have simple carbohydrates that provide natural energy. Plus, they taste amazing and are a great substitute for sugary sweets! Try mixing berries with cinnamon and Truvia or making a smoothie bowl with fruits.

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Eat earlier. It is much better for the metabolism to eat dinner earlier rather than late at night.

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Don’t skip breakfast. Breakfast awakens the metabolism and provides sustained energy throughout the day.

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Work out regularly. This doesn’t have to be every day, and it certainly doesn’t have to be for very long, but working out regularly and consistently is the best way to stay fit. Plus, working out releases endorphins, boosting mood and reducing stress. Pick a workout you enjoy and don’t be afraid to try new things. When you love a workout, you’ll stay motivated.

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Learn portion sizes. By picking acceptable portion sizes, you avoid binging or overeating. Portioning also prevents that bloated feeling well all hate, as well as the formation of “food babies”.

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Skip processed foods. We are meant to eat real foods, not artificially created junk. Processed food is often the ones packed with added sugar, trans fats, and unneeded sodium. By eating whole foods, we avoid all of these unhealthy things.

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By choosing reasonable New Year’s resolutions, you’ll set yourself up for success all year long.