3 Underrated Tricks to Jumpstarting Your Fitness Routine

Fitness Shoes being tied

With so much content on what constitutes a good workout, it’s overwhelming to say the least to pick a fitness routine that fits you. Being fit isn’t just grabbing some cool looking exercises off Instagram or following what some girl does on her YouTube page.

Each woman’s body is unique, so learning to listen to your body is a basic and necessary step towards getting into shape.  Just because Beyoncé and Taylor Swift do a certain combo of exercises, doesn’t mean you’ll look like them after pounding on your body for months. Disappointing? Maybe. But the right routine is out there for you!

Fitness Routine Stretches

Here are some simple steps to get you started on a routine to get your body looking and feeling as good as you possibly can for you and only you.

1.  Schedule  2 – 3 times a week to exercise and improve your fitness.

It is so important that you JUST show up to exercise. It’s the consistency of showing up day after day that over time creates a beautifully toned body. It takes several months and even  several years to create an athletic body the right way. So buckle up… This is a long haul.

2.  Get a friend, find a group, or hire a professional trainer to workout with you.

Doing anything with another person only enhances your experience. It harbors accountability, because you have someone who is depending on you to show up. Once you get into a good routine, it’s ok to break off on your own, because you’ve fostered the habit. Use others motivation and energy to help keep you going when working out becomes tedious (because it will become tedious).

3.  Try every single style of exercise out at least once.

There is tons of different kinds of Yoga, Pilates, Bar, Zumba, Spin, Crossfit, etc. that are out there.  Exercise is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. In order to find out which one you like, you have to give them all a shot. Once you find one you like… stick with it. When you’re bored go back out and try a new class of two. You quickly see that experimenting is what all fit people do. It’s like body alchemy.

Exercise is not as complex as we in the fitness community have made it appear to be. Just keep moving, eat healthy, rest and next thing you know fitness will be your new best friend.